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Clay Pot Manufacturer - Clay Pot Society - Village Business Ideas - NBS - Small Business Ideas in Tamil

 Clay Pot Wholesale Business Benefits of drinking clay pot pot water       When it comes to storing water, the earthen pots occupy the primary position. Storing water in an earthen pot is the best method. Earthen pot not only makes the water chilled during summer but also provides healing elements of Earth. More importantly the earthen pot transfers the coolness to the water according to the climatic conditions; which is the special quality of earthen pot that no other container has. The chilled water of earthen pots during summer has no other replacement in quenching the thirst and satisfaction of drinking water.     Naturally cooled water from clay pots is readily absorbed by the body and is brimming with micro-nutrients that it soaks up from the kiln fired earthen pot.     In the scorching summer heat the clay pot water is good as compared to fridge water to avoid sunstroke also the other reason could have been that the sudden temperature change could make us sick. What we did not r

Plastic Table Roll Business - Plastic Foldable Stool - Bag Wholesale - Silk Cotton - Plastic Dining Mats - Small Business Ideas - Manufacturing Business - Low Investment - Namum Buainess Seiyalaam

Foldable Plastic Stool Easyp multi purpose foldable stool available in various colour and 2 Sizes.Strong durable plastic . Wholesaler  https://m./folding-lightweight-plastic-stool-22908126848.html Bag Manufacturer Bag Wholesalers, School Bag Manufacturers, Gift Bag Dealers, School Bag Wholesalers, Luggage Bag Manufacturers, Laptop Bag Manufacturers, Laptop Bag Wholesalers, Trolley Bag Manufacturers. Timing Monday:- 9:30 Am - 6:30 Pm Tuesday:- 9:30 Am - 6:30 Pm Wednesday:- 9:30 Am - 6:30 Pm Thursday:- 9:30 Am - 6:30 Pm Friday:- 9:30 Am - 6:30 Pm Saturday:- 9:30 Am - 6:30 Pm Sunday:- Closed No 51, Stringer Street, Broadway, Chennai - 600001, Near Olympic Cards ------------------------------------------------------- Silk Cotton It provides great comfort than any other fillings like sponge or recron. It is Organic & Natural fibre. It has certain good characteristics which are good for Joints. It induces good quality of sleeping. It will long last & sustainable.  Semi-Automatic Bedi

KTM Motorcycle Dealership - Car Virtual Driving Stimulator - Small Business Ideas - Namum Business Seiyalaam

 Car Virtual Driving Stimulator Product Description Training Stimulator 100 - 200Kg Weight System Version -  2.02.97 Training Simulator with Driving Lessons for Lm v and Hcv designed for new learners. Easily train students with 20, 40 and 80 lessons covering basics of driving as well as advance stuff. Simulator Designed on- demand basis as per customer needs, variant models are available ranging from cabinets, motion cars with actual car parts and basic frame model focused on budget buyers. Computer specifications to be finalized separately and computer is not included in this model. Includes software license key as well as software backup for protection of customer software. HTC Vive and Google VR are also supported in high end models and need to be bought separately. Supplier Reference Car Driving Simulator 3 Screen / Single Screen, For Training ---------------------------------- KTM Motorcycle Dealers Automobile retailing is growing very fast in India.Basically automobile reselling