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Small Scale Carpet Manufacturing Business - No Competition - High Profit - Namum Business Seiyalaam

  Carpet Manufacturing Business Carpet manufacturing is a traditional business in India. Carpets are monopoly for India and booming industry. Around 80% of carpets in India are sold in over 60 countries of the world. Carpets are made in pure wool and thick woven fabrics. There are two types of carpets One is Handmade carpets and other one is Machine made carpets. Other Carpet fabric: Triexta Polyester Non-Woven fabric Nylon There is Low pipe carpet; medium pile carpet and a high pile carpet. Carpets are manufactured based on the current trend and traditional design. Texture carpet will be used in rooms and bedrooms, Barber carpet are used in stairs, hallways and basement and pattern carpet are used in commercial offices. Raw Material ·          Wool ·          Dyeing Color ·          Carpet Binding Tape ·          Cotton Clothes ·          Glue ·          Latex Chemical Process ·          Raw Wool cleaned and set to process ·          Dyed Raw Wool into desired colors

Wax Human Statue Making Business - Earn in Lakhs in Short Period

Human Wax Statue   Now a day Human wax Statue is more popular and booming business for creative statue makers. Raw Material The main raw material used in this statue is silicon rubber mold .Silicon is the best product to recreate the eyes, nose cheeks and finer lines on the face. Silicon rubber cost around 1200Rs Per Kg. Market Cost Basically, the cost of the human wax jewellery depends on the size and specification of the statue. Approximately it comes around 6 Lakhs – 10 Lakhs. Benefits •         Color Never Fade -   The color of the statue not fade •         Jewellery – We can wore any type of jewellery •         Stitch Hair – Also we can stitch artificial hair as per specifications •         Comb Hair – We can comb hair •         Dress Change – Dress can be changed as per our wish •         Flexible Movement – The statue will be flexible for movements •         Human Skin Tone – The main advantage of silicon wax is, we can get natural human skin tone.