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Great Business Ideas - Low Investment High Profit Business - Engine Oil - Motor Oil Reselling Business - Small Business Ideas

Engine Oil
Engine Oil or Motor Oil is a substance made with base oils along with various additives for anti-wear, cleaning, viscosity, dispersants and many others, used as a lubricant in various parts of a motor vehicle. Though primarily used for internal combustion engines for reducing the friction and wear on the moving parts, besides cleaning the engine from sludge and varnish. [Also See: Stay Clean and Stay Safe – Home Sanitisation Business Idea]

Engine Oil also neutralizes acids that are generated from fuel and oxidation of the lubricants, improving the sealing of the piston rings and acting as a coolant to the engine. The Motor Oil can be Conventional, Synthetic Blend and Full Synthetic depending on the type of engine and vehicle it’s produced. [Also Read: No Loss Highly Profitable Country Chicken Business Idea]

Almost all the motors powering Cars, Motorcycles, Engine-Generators and many other machines uses the oil as a lubricant. On top of special customisation for each type of en…

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Food as Culture
Food is an essential substance consumed to provide the nutrition for human life, which perhaps has a traditional and cultural root into the actual collection, preparation and consumption methods. Apparently, these methods and the types are quite related to the regions of existence and practices, the purpose remains similar across the planet. [Read on a Hot New Business Idea, Wholesale Crushed Ice and Ice Slab Business]

There are various types of foods consumed from plant based to animal based, depending on the factors stated. However, the nutrition stands to be the primary factor of consideration by the consumers, except few occasional or social eating habits. [Know about the Small Business Idea, Cleanliness based Chlorine Bleach Powder Business]

The purpose of food originated for the existence of life, which later has witnessed the facts such as traditional, customary, resource availability, replenishment capabilities and various others. Although the availability is not …