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Small Business Ideas | மாதம் 195,000ரூ லாபம் | Masala Packet Packing and Labelling Contract | Namum Business Seiyalaam

The significance and scope of the Packaging and Labelling Industry along with a Business Prospect and an option for Low Investment High Profit Startup Business, has been explained here in this post. [Also Read: Waffle Street Food Business Idea]

Packaging and Labelling

The art and technology of protecting goods for distributing, storing and selling, which has a huge impact on the Product Sales, Branding and Logistic Feasibility.

It can be traced back from the Ancient Period, since the time of commerce. [Also Read: Healthy Snacks - Vegetable Sticks Business]

Perhaps, the products and methods have evolved over the time and has almost taken a complete juxtapose from the initial concept of using the available resource to a point where the separate innovation has been made to the labelling and branding through packaging.

Ancient Packaging

It was the Metals, Reeds and Wooden Boxes, which were of predominance during the ancient period. [Also Read: Work from Home Cooking Oil Business]

The primary consideration was to protect the product, distribute and supply them in the required volumes.

The methods and materials are far revolutionised during the modern period with more emphasis on the costing and resource utilisation, retaining the original purpose. [Also Read: Incredible Nuts - Cashews Business]

Modern Packaging

During the Modern Period, the packaging industry has got more significance and extending the actual term to the Planning and Manufacturing of the packaging products and the labelling on them. [Also Read: Sugar Substitute - Coconut Sugar Business]

Eventually the development has bagged so many Business Opportunities in this industry, which provides a path for a Small Startup Business player to the huge player, in terms of direct Production, Supply, Reselling, Transportation, Labour Supply, Machinery Supply, Consultation and Sub Contracts. [Also Read: Healthy Herbal Water Business]

The Business Prospect

Besides the detailing, there is a comparative least effort, perhaps more hard work involved concept, which is being explained in the Video below for the viewers benefit. [Also Read: Protein Rich Roasted Chickpeas Business]

This Business Idea is an opportunity which can be performed with the Low Investment, perhaps gives a huge Profit probability.

Check out the video and let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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I've further shared the below search result link for Manufacturer details, who actually may have many subcontractors and job working tie-ups for this Packaging and Labelling process.

Masala Manufacturers in Tamilnadu (LINK DISABLED)

You could use this as an initial step to your future endeavor, perhaps we don't endorse or recommend any. It's entirely your skill to convince and win an order. [Read Also: Millet Noodles Business Idea]

All the best!

Update on Feb 27, 2020:

Thank you for all your interest, however due to heavy traffic hit on the same SERP in Google, the link provided has been disabled. Perhaps, I've provided a application below to drop-in your details, so that we'll keep you posted with an update in future.

Application Form for Masala Manufacturer Search Page
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Machine Reference

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