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High Pofitable Business Idea - Exotic Vegetables Business - Ooty Vegetables Business Idea

Vegetables as Primary Eatable Vegetables are consumed by humans and animals widely depending on the region where they’re located. Most of the vegetables and fruits are transported across several borders from the farmland to supply the consumers spread in various regions. However, there’s always a demand for certain types of vegetables, irrespective of the place they come from. [ Also Read Buy Back Business Idea - Company Contract - No Investment ] Vegetables that are primary for the nutrition of the human are suggested by most of the dietitians based on the current lifestyle of the people. Whereas the demand versus the supply makes them a highly profitable trading business from the place it is cultivated to the markets where they’re in demand. Exotic Vegetables Exotic Vegetables are the one that are predominantly brought from a specific region, either abroad or the far away places where the climatic and the soil conditions are favourable for their cultivation. Tamil Nadu, being a majo

Hot Selling Product - Wholesale Dry Chili Business - NBS - Small Business Ideas

  Spices and Condiments India is a well-known country for its flavours and varieties of foods spread across the nation. Today, we are going to see the business opportunity for dry chili which is called Kaaindha Milagai in Tamil. We can do two types of business in dry chillies. Masala Powder and Whole Dry Chilli. The main difference between these two business are as follows. [Also Read: How to Register your Food Business with Swiggy ]   Masala Powder 1.   The minimum order of quantity is 50kg Bag ​ 2.   The selling rate Per kg 50Rs – 90Rs ​ 3.   If we are going to start masala powder business, then we    can buy this type of dry chili but the expiry is  up to  2 Months ​ 4.   This type of dry chili is suitable for Hotel Orders, Restaurant and Catering ​ 5.   The Color ​ of the chili looks dull 6.   The Size ​ of the chili looks shorter or small [ Also Read: Innovative Business Idea Eatable Plate ]   Whole Spice   1.       The minimum order of quantity i

How To Start Fresh Pearl Farming - Namum Business Seiyalaam - Low Investment

  How To Start Fresh Pearl Farming Business Pearl farming is comparably easiest framing. We can earn good profit in pearl farming with low investment. There are many varieties available in pearl breeds. We need choose the proper one for profitable farming. Farming Methods: There are many types of methods involved in the pearl farming. Tank Farming, Tray Farming, Cement Tank farming, Pond farming and even we can grow fresh pearls in fish tanks. We need proper equipment’s for the successful framing.   Equipment’s We required motor,   Aerator, heater filters, air pump and water pipe. Feed: We have to feed pearls once in one week. And it cost around 200Rs per year. Pearl farming business is suitable for low investment business starters. Pearls require more vitamins and minerals in their feed. First step one needs to follow is to get the water tested to understand its aquaculture and this can be done in a government laboratory​ Training There will be one day training available in many place

Buy Back Business Idea - Company Contract - Advance Payment - No Investment - Medicinal Coleus Farm Business

Innovative Farm Business Plants and Herbs are always appreciated for their health benefits besides serving the primary purpose of being food for the animals and human beings since the inception of life in the universe.  As the advancement in agriculture and medical science witnessed a collaboration of various techniques and methods to assist one with another, there are so many vegetations that are brought into limelight as a result. Few of those vegetables are Vanilla, Aloevera, Betel Leaves, Cherry Tomatoes, Miyazaki Mangoes and so on. The one we’re going to discuss on the post is Medicinal Coleus, which has a huge market potential due to their health benefits and international demand. Medicinal Coleus The Coleus has been cultivated for several years, however there’s no evidence on their origin of plantation. Some of the popular varieties in them are Maimul, Manganiperu and Garmai. Cultivation Coleus grows in a tropical and subtropical region with an optimu