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Clay Pot Manufacturer - Clay Pot Society - Village Business Ideas - NBS - Small Business Ideas in Tamil

 Clay Pot Wholesale Business Benefits of drinking clay pot pot water       When it comes to storing water, the earthen pots occupy the primary position. Storing water in an earthen pot is the best method. Earthen pot not only makes the water chilled during summer but also provides healing elements of Earth. More importantly the earthen pot transfers the coolness to the water according to the climatic conditions; which is the special quality of earthen pot that no other container has. The chilled water of earthen pots during summer has no other replacement in quenching the thirst and satisfaction of drinking water.     Naturally cooled water from clay pots is readily absorbed by the body and is brimming with micro-nutrients that it soaks up from the kiln fired earthen pot.     In the scorching summer heat the clay pot water is good as compared to fridge water to avoid sunstroke also the other reason could have been that the sudden temperature change could make us sick. What we did not r

Plastic Table Roll Business - Rat Glue Trap Making - Plastic Foldable Stool - Bag Wholesale - Silk Cotton - Plastic Dining Mats - Small Business Ideas - Manufacturing Business - Low Investment - Namum Buainess Seiyalaam

Paper Cone Manufacturing Business Machine Reference https://paper-tube-making-machine.html Nail Manufacturing Business    Raw Material Reference https://hb-wire-nail-making-wire.html https://automatic-wire-nail-making-machine.html   ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Insect Trap Sheet     https://yellow-insect-sticky-trap.html   Cotton Color Cotton Rags Wiping   Wholesale Supplier https://cotton-rags-wiping.html Pipe Rotary Manufacturing   Machine Reference https:pipe-rotary-swaging-machine.html  --------------------------------------------------------------------   Rat Glue Trap Making Machine This machine come with Auto-Feeding Of board with Automatic glueing, then automatic folding and the automatic packing. This machine is fully automatic and designed and manufactured in India. Heavy built-in machine with high speed automatic glueing. Wholesaler https://www.adhesive-sticky-glue-pad-for-mouse-trap.html Machine https://rat-glue-trap-making-machi

Best Business Idea - Low Investment High Profit Business - LED Lights Manufacture and Marketing Business - Small Business Ideas

LED Light Manufacturing and Marketing Business Idea The LED Lights are resourceful, less energy consuming, highly commercial and are a huge boon for the households and industries. Though they're comparatively costlier than conventional lights, they are high is energy saving and has a great business prospect. [ Also Read: Innovative Broken Almond Business Idea ]   One such business option with low investment and a high scope has been detailed in the below video with realtime market probabilities, along with the raw material references further beneath. Raw Materials and contact references: (1) Product: Ceramic Round LED Bulb Raw Material [ Also Read: Great Lock down Business Idea - Vehicle Sanitisation ] Power Consumption: 6 W - 10 W Shape: Round Usage/Application: Led Bulb Type: Driver Body Material: Ceramic Base Type: B22 Lighting Type: LED Color Temperature: 3500-4100 K Region: Chennai Link -