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Low Investment Business Ideas | 10ரூக்கு வாங்கி, 130ருக்கு விற்கலாம் | 100% லாபம் | Small Business | Namum Business Seiyalaam

Poster Making and Presentation Art and artifacts are always a product of attraction, in any decor industry. This demand for the artifacts makes them a popular Business Idea across the Global Market . Apparently, an option of value adding the posters that are easily available can be a great boom for a Small Business option with a Low Investment . Watch the below video for more insight about this Innovative Business Idea . #InnovativeBusinessIdeas #NamumBusinessSeiyalaam #GlobalMarketBusiness #ArtsBusiness #InteriorsBusinessIdea #LowInvestmentBusiness I’m sure that you’ve got enough details about this business. Give it a try and keep trying. How do you feel about this concept? Let me know in the comment section below. #IndianBusinessIdeas #WetooCandoBusiness #BestBusiness #NewBusinessIdeas #RetailBusiness #SmallBusinessIdeas #HotNewBusiness ------------------------------- *** Tutorial Videos *** #    Free GST Registration    #

Shop Business Ideas | மாதம் 2,00,000 லாபம் தரும் Tea Shop | Low Investment Business | Namum Business Seiyalaam

Tea - An aromatic Beverage Tea is an aromatic beverage made using the tea leaves and hot water or sometimes with milk, is a widely consumed drink after water. Though It has its roots originated from East Asia, it went on raising its bar to reach almost the entire world and has captured the major chuck in the Global Market . However, the market reach is high, there are several Small Business Ideas and Low Investment Businesses made using this Tea. Perhaps, this is one of the Best Business Ideas for Shop Business in India. Watch the below video for more details and insight. #NamumBusinessSeiyalaam #ShopBusinessIdeas #BestBusiness #IndianBusinessIdeas #LowinvetmentHighprofitBusiness #2020Business This is a most profitable and a highly demanded business. Apparently into practice for several decades. A little Innovative improvisation in service can lead to a huge profitable result. Keep exploring. Happy Business! #HappyBusiness #We

Innovative Business Ideas | How to Earn in Zomato | Zomato Jobs | Zomato Salary Details | Namum Business Seiyalaam

Home Delivery of Food The concept of home delivery has followed since the inception of service business. However, the food industry has witnessed this Innovative tweak of service in the recent decade. It has made a tremendous leap in the history of the cooked food supply industry and of course so much of employment as well. We recently saw one such Business concept in our channel, perhaps if you haven't seen, check the link below. *  Hot New Business - Swiggy   * Check the below video on the similar concept of Food Delivery, Zomato. #NamumBusinessSeiyalaam #FoodBusiness #Zomato #FoodSupplyIndustry #BestBusinessIdeas #NewBusinessIdeas #MealsBusiness #Foodie I believe you’ve got enough insight about the option to get into Zomato as a Delivery Executive or Sales Manager or Admin Manager along with their Salary potential details. Happy Self Sustainment! #WetooCandoBusiness #HotNewBusinessIdeas #BusinessIdeasinTamil #Tamilnadu #IndianBusinessId

Small Business Ideas | How to Join Bike Taxi job | Earn Monthly 20,000 rupees | Start your ride | Namum Business Seiyalaam

Metropolitan Population and Transportation The growth and development of India have made a tremendous advancement in Metro Cities, where more and more population has already migrated, making it a huge densely populated urban area. Perhaps the Rural regions are of course getting a little backlash due to the reduction of fertile land and scope of Business opportunities in the metros. As the population becomes dense, the transportation facilities are facing challenges and traffic constraints, adding fuel to it as well. Apparently the more affordable and rescuing option providing an opportunity for Small Business options is Bike Taxi. Let's get a deeper insight on this concept from the below video and give it a try. #NamumBusinessSeiyalaam #UrbanBusiness #SmallBusinessIdeas #BestIndianBusiness #InnovativeBusiness #India #Tamilnadu You may start as a Low Investment Business option at the initial stage with 5 bikes and employing drivers for them.

Hot New Business Ideas | How to Join and Earn in Swiggy Food Delivery | மாதம் 50,000 சம்பளம் | Apply online | Namum Business Seiyalaam

Food Delivery Namum Business Seiyalaam , has shared several Food Industry Businesses in the past and may keep continuing since it’s a dominant sector in any nation’s economy. So that makes many other dependent services to be on peak equal to the Industry itself. One such service that has brought too many players in this Business Concept , to provide the customer with convenience in delivery is home delivery. It was only the take home option that was into practice earlier, perhaps this home delivery has made a revolutionary change and brought in so many commercial players in this industry. Let us see one such Innovative Concept , which has found its way through smart phones application is Swiggy. Check out the video for more details and contact references. #NamumBusinessSeiyalaam #FoodBusiness #Swiggy #FoodSupplyIndustry #BestBusinessIdeas #NewBusinessIdeas #MealsBusiness #Foodie Hope you were able to get an insight about this business and will give it a shot.

New Business Ideas | வீட்டில் இருந்து மாதம் 30,000 வருமானம் வரும் அருமையான தொழில் | Home Food | Namum Business Seiyalaam

Home Based Food Food has always been evolving, since the inception. The Food Industry is a great sector which backs several other lines of businesses as cross function. The variants and flavours are predominantly influenced by the region and tradition from which it originates. Although the Food Industry was developing in the regional specific few decades back, the open market and globalisation has made the reach across the globe. Besides the craze and reach for the variants of food, the actual expectation of any individual in any region will always have a carve for home-made food. Due to the more and more of nuclear family structure and growing demand for economic stability, people are forced to consistently have a stable job, for which they go to a location and spend almost a huge chunk of time. Hot New Business Idea At this juncture, there is a huge boom for home-made foods, since it is made with the goodness and taste of home. Get the d

Best Business Ideas | மாதம் 1 Lakh லாபம் தரக்கூடிய புதிய தொழில் | Low Investment | Namum Business Seiyalaam

Flying Camera Recently we had a posting on Wedding Photography Service Business Idea, which is a greatly acclaimed business, much in need for this period. (Refer: MODERN WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY ) However, the concept of Photography and Videography has already evolved with tremendous advancements, alongside the technological advances. Perhaps, there are few piece of advancements among them, which are of high in demand, besides being a factor of charisma consistently. One such product is the Flying Cam or Drone or Helicam. This is a real piece of advancement which has made a huge leap in the Camera Industry. We'll see an idea on how this can be used for performing a life skill of Business execution. #2020BusinessIdeas #FlyingCamBusiness #NamumBusinessSeiyalaam #BestBusiness So, now that you've learnt on How to start Drone/Flying camera business? You know, for this Business you don't need so much of professional knowledge in photography. P

Hot New Business Ideas | அதிக லாபம் தரும் தொழில் | How to Start Wedding Photography Business | Namum Business Seiyalaam

Modern Wedding Photography One of much needed Business Idea for this generation people.  As the craze towards the cinematic presentation of photos and videos of Wedding is spreading across the youngsters these days. This can be a best option for the Global Market , which can be started with a Low Investment and as a Small Business . Also there is a huge scope for Women Entrepreneurs to perform this business with high success ratio. Check out the video with the detailed insight and methods to start this business option and market your service. #SmallBusinessIdeas #BestBusinessIdeas #HotNewBusinessIdeas #NamumBusinessSeiyalaam #UrbanBusinessIdeas #BusinessIdeasforWomen #InnovativeBusiness #LowInvestmentBusiness How to Start Wedding Photography Business || அதிக லாபம் தரும் தொழில் || Tamil Having said that, kindly see the step by step process mentioned below as explained in the video. Points Discussed Register your wedding photography business