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Dry Fish Poultry Feed Manufacturing Business - Profitable Business - Namum Business Seiyalaam

  Dry Fish Poultry Feed Manufacturing Business   Fish meal is one of the best nutritious feed for pet feed, birds feed, fish feed and animal feed. Fish meals are rich in protein and omega 3 fatty acids. [ Best Business to get associated with Big Basket ]   Advantage of Fish Meals ·       It will reduce the mortality of younger animals ·       It will also reduce inflammatory disease ·       It will improve immunity ·       It will also Cost effective ·       It will increase productivity   Fish meal is made of small types of fishes like sardines. Also, fish meal is a commercial product that are not used for human consumption. Fish meals are made by grinding dried fish or steamed fish which also includes fish wastage and prawn wastage.   The dry fish poultry feed business is very good small scale manufacturing business, anyone can start with less investment and experience. The main challenge is sourcing quality raw material and marketing. [ Checkout the excitin

Small Scale Manufacturing Business - Sauction Hose - NBS - Small Business Ideas

PVC Suction Hose Manufacturing Business   This is a unique business and competition is very less in this industry comparing to other business. Mainly this type of hose is used in residential and commercial. It ensures you get the best usage for a longer period. Raw Material   PVC Granules are major raw material used for making the suction pipe. The Granules comes in different colours and sizes. Mostly green and white colours are widely used for residential and commercial usage. There are many varieties available in suction hose. For example: Sink Hose, Drainage Hose, Oxygen Medical Hose and Washing Machine Hose. We can able to manufacturer all the hoses in a single machine. Investment Initially we need to invest around Rs.12,00,000 for Machinery and Rs. 500,000 for raw material. Also, building rent, electricity and license. Approximately one can start this business around Rs20,00, 000.We can get business loan for machinery through MSME, for that we need to submit proper