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Oil and Fat in the Diet. Oils and Fats are not a food itself, perhaps provides the essential nutrients and are a must in the healthy diet plate. Though there are several debates on the types and ingredients of an oil, in order to consume them for the healthy concerns, there are several types of oils made across the world flooded in the Global Market with various benefits tagged to their names. The cooking oil is a major shareholder in the food sector, like the crude oil in the international market ;)  #goodhealth #benefits #healthydiet #virginsesameoil #naturalproduct #woodcoldpressed #organic #goodheart #food #naturalhealth #instafood Cooking Oil Business The dominance of the Oil has made the possibilities of Business Ideas in this sector throughout ages. The concept we’ve discussed in the upcoming video today would give a detailed insight on the oil production and commercial marketing of them in a Small Business environment with a highly profitabl