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Lipstick Tree - Unique And Less Competition Business - Namum Business Seiyalaam - High Margin - Lipstick Tree Farming - Bixa Tree

How to Start Organic Color Manufacturing Business Everyone should aware of the hazardous of chemical colors using in our daily using products such as packe foods,frozen meat,cheese,ghee butter,cosmetics and bakery products etc.. Even in   Holi, these colors are creating skin problems.To overcome this chemical colours,Many farmers in India are cultivating Bixa Tree is also called Lipstick Tree, it’s a natural color which is extracted from the fruits. [ Also Read:  Amazon Delivery Partner Business Idea ]   These   Bixa Tree seeds properties are suitable for food colors and these colors widely used for body paint in certain part of America. If the tree is cultivated all over India, then there will be more supply of natural colors .We need to promote this cultivation and spread awareness to the farmers by helping them to procure Bixa Seeds for cultivation and training. Yellow orange dye are extracted from the its seeds. [ Also Read:  High Profit Flour Business Idea ] How to Start B

Farmers can Earn Huge Income by Cultivating Black Turmeric - Namum Business Seiyalaam - Small Business Ideas

  Black Turmeric Farming Black turmeric is the one of the profitable farming India, It Demands increased recently. Black turmeric is not only good for health as well as it have many auspicious related beliefs.      Black turmeric is an auspicious herb. It has metaphysical properties. So it is used in Kali and Durga Puja. ​People keep black turmeric plants and rhizomes in their house for good fortune.​It is believed that it removes all the negative factors from the surroundings at where it is kept. ​ Black turmeric is also used in Tantra Sadhana, Bhairav Sadhana and removing Black Magic.​ It is also used in Vastu to counter and nullify the negative forces in the house.​ Northern tribes use black turmeric as a talisman to keep the evil spirits away.​ Medicinal uses of black turmeric:    It is used in treating piles, leprosy, bronchitis, asthma, cancer, epilepsy, fever, wounds, impotency, fertility, menstrual disorders, tooth ache, vomiting etc. ​The most important thing is that research

Best Business Idea - Animal Rubber Mats - Livestock and Pet Products - Small Business Ideas

Livestock and Pet Domesticating Animals for commercial and as pets are age old practises of human beings for various reasons. Commercially the animal products are used for several purposes, such as consumption and goods making. And on the other hand, pets have been an act of showing love towards them besides being a social status. [ Also see - Innovative Business concept of Vehicle Decarbonisation ] Animal Husbandry is a major farming activity in an agricultural setup to produce labour and commodities such as Milk, Meat, Eggs, Wool, Fur and Leather. The practise of animal husbandry being a modern component of agriculture, has been widely transitioned since ages based on the culture and periods. It’s still in existence as a major player and has a commendable role in the economy and culture of many communities. Pets are the companion animals primarily grown for being a company or for entertaining, when compared to the livestock animals which are grown for commercial