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Retail business ideas | 150ரூ தாயரிப்பு | 1000ரூ விற்கும் விலை | No Competition | Namum Business Seiyalaam

The Business Ideas that are Innovative and with a Customer Centric Products or Concepts are always high flyers all the time. This is a factual witness that makes the revolutionary progress in any Industry by the time it enters.

Below post is one such concept that has a great opportunity for people who’re looking for a Low Investment High Profit Business or a Home Based Business or Business Ideas for Women or Food Business and event Street Food Business Ideas.

Nutrition and Life

It’s essential that every human being is sufficiently supplied with the required nutrition in order to lead a stable healthy life. Apparently this concept has been considered as significant through the diet and healthy life through several traditions across the world.

Although modernization and mechanization have made the society as a concrete jungle, where people are all leading a mechanical lifestyle, the vitality of the healthy food stays the same, perhaps with some saturation here and there.

Studies on Nutrition

There have been several streams of Studies evolved over the period in order to understand the importance and role played by healthy foods. There are several new divisions of education brought into academics in order to bring more literates in this field to project the importance this subject has in human life.

Apparently the studies were getting a lot of input that enabled us to get a detailed analysis about the food based nutrition and the genre into which these foods it belongs. Throughout most of these analyses, one predominant food product that adds the number of nutrition values to the human is vegetables.

Vegetable Snacks

As far as the food habits of most of the people are concerned, snacking plays a huge role in a day. And there is a huge possibility of getting stuck to a non healthy and junk snacks if we’re not cautious about what we intake for snacks. This has also been detailed in the recent post on Healthy Snacking with a Business Idea on Sweet Banana Crisps (given the link for perusal).
So presenting a Vegetable Based Snacks into the Global Market with a wrap of trending fancies to compete with the current Junk Snack is a great option for Hot New Business. This Natural Food Product will actually get into the Environmentally Friendly and Organic Product category, perhaps retaining the stands at par with the contemporary competition.

The Business Idea for Future

This Vegetable based Snacks can be the future of many aspiring Young Entrepreneurs, who may come up with more Innovative Concepts and methods in Manufacturing and Marketing these Nutritional Food Products, that can cause a Revolution in the current Celebrity Attractive Market.

One such option is being presented with the work around and methodologies for the benefit of viewers. Do check and let me know your thoughts below in the comments.

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Machine and Packing Materials

The Commercial Oven

Some of the Industrial Ovens used are as follows:

  1. Batch Oven, Capacity: 2000-3000 kg
  2. Walk-In Ovens Air Circulatory Ovens
  3. Semi-Automatic Digital Paint Baking Oven
  4. Walk-In Ovens Top Loading Ovens, Capacity: 0-100 Kg

The Vegetable Chips on the Shelf

Some of the common types of Vegetable Chips

  1. Vacuum Fried Okra Chips
  2. Vacuum Fried Carrot Chips
  3. Vacuum Fried Mushroom Chips
  4. Vacuum Fried Beetroot Chips
  5. Coconut Chips
Coconut Slicing Machine

The Packaging Materials

Following are few mostly used Packaging Pouches

  1. Snack Packing Pouches
  2. Printed Snacks Packing Pouch
  3. Multicolour Snakc Packing Polybags
  4. Printed Namkeen Packing Polybags

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