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Farming and Agriculture

Farming and Agriculture, though used as interchangeable in the predominant scenarios, both have different, perhaps, has a closely knit relation between them.

Apparently, most of the traditional and ongoing farming businesses are all carried mostly by the farmers, whose primary occupation is agriculture.

Eventually the farm lands groomer and the farming companions are the livestock and cattle that are reared by the countrymen.

Having said that, it’s the trending factor that most of the younger population and urban crowd prefer to pursue with their own Business Ideas in recent days, that has brought many conventional practices into an Innovative Business.

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Goat Farming

One such concept, which was perhaps a life churn for most of the agriculturalists since the past millennia, that has seen a huge boom in commercialising across the global market is livestock and cattle farming.

Albeit there are several other cattle and livestock as options, there is always a curiosity for Goat Farming, due to the attraction of its great demand in the animal meat market.

Due to this, there are several conceptual advances made for making it a viable business with novel techniques and marketing strategies.

There are several breeds of goat which are brought into the commercial farming culture to get the maximum out of them, in terms of meat, milk and skin.
The below are the Goat markets/sandy/selling point where goats are sold in large numbers..

1. Pochampali goat market (on Sundays) - All type of Goats - Jamunapari, tellicherry, etc.. and Sheeps
2. Ettayapuram goat markets (On Saturdays) - Native Breeds (Kodi, Kanni goats) and Sheeps.
3. Kanivadi Goat market (on Fridays) - Sheeps and Native cross breeds
4. Kundarapalli Goat market (on Fridays) - All type of Goats - Jamunapari, tellicherry, etc..and Sheeps

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Watch the video below for the detailed explanation of this business idea with the probabilities and proximities.

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Video in Tamil

Video in English #takethebull

Video in Telugu #manamkudabusinesscheyochu

The goat meat and milk are very nutritious for humans. They’ve been into the bloodline of the Indian subcontinent throughout centuries.

There are certain specific breeds that are indigenous to these regions are much more profitable to carry out this business, with low investment options.

Some of them are Jamnapari Goat, Beetal, Boer Goat, Barbari, Sirohi Goat, Osmanabadi and Tellicherry Goat. These are the breeds that are spread across the Malabar, Uttarpradesh and Madhyapradesh regions.

And of course, the breeds such as Kanni Goat and Kodi Goat are spread across the Tamilnadu region and are highly accustomed to the feed variants and climatic fluctuations.

This business is a great opportunity for a startup idea, besides being a small business, which can be performed in a home-based atmosphere.

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Nutritional facts of Goat Milk

On top of these, the nutritional values of Goat Milk are enormous and are in high demand due to its least availability.

Goat Milk:        100 grams

Calories 69
Total Fat 4.1 g      
Saturated fat 2.7 g
Polyunsaturated fat 0.1 g
Monounsaturated fat 1.1 g
Cholesterol 11 mg

Sodium 50 mg
Potassium 204 mg
Carbohydrate 4.5 g     
Dietary fiber 0 g
Sugar 4.5 g
Protein 3.6 g

Vitamin A    3%
Vitamin C    2%
Calcium    13%
Iron    0%
Vitamin D    12%
Vitamin B-6    0%
Cobalamin    1%
Magnesium    3%

*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000-calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

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Machine Details

Below are the few references which I’d like to share to enlighten the viewer with more insight on this business concept. These are the essential equipment and machineries which are available across the markets.

Product:        Milk Pouch Packing Machine
Model:            200 FFR
Type:            Manual
Packing Range:    500-1000 ml
Seal System:        Impulse

Product:        Small Bulk Milk Cooler
Feature:        Non-Corrosive
Capacity:        600 Lts
Type:            Closed
Compartment:    Single

Product:        Heavy Duty Milk Cooler
Capacity:        6k - 10k Lts
Volt:            240-380 V
Feature:        Tamper Proof
Frequency:        50 Hz


Product:        Goat Milking Machine
Bucket:        1
Volt:            110 V
Frequency:        50/60 Hz
Application:        Cattle

Sheep Farming Shed - Government Subsidy 


Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme 

Sheep Wool Business

i) Central sheep and wool Research Institute, Avikanagar (Rajasthan).
ii)Central sheep and wool Research Institute (sub-station), Bikaner (Rajasthan).
iii)Central Sheep and Wool Research Institute (sub-station) Garsa (Himachal-Pradesh).
iv) Sheep and wool training centres - established by Department of Animal Husbandry in respective states.

Do note that these are for reference and you are always suggested to explore more options by your own market research and deep understanding of the real time scenarios.

Use the concept and contacts wisely.

Happy Business!

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