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Shop Business Ideas | மாதம் 2,00,000 லாபம் தரும் Tea Shop | Low Investment Business | Namum Business Seiyalaam

Tea - An aromatic Beverage

Tea is an aromatic beverage made using the tea leaves and hot water or sometimes with milk, is a widely consumed drink after water.

Though It has its roots originated from East Asia, it went on raising its bar to reach almost the entire world and has captured the major chuck in the Global Market.

However, the market reach is high, there are several Small Business Ideas and Low Investment Businesses made using this Tea.

Perhaps, this is one of the Best Business Ideas for Shop Business in India.

Watch the below video for more details and insight.

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This is a most profitable and a highly demanded business. Apparently into practice for several decades.

A little Innovative improvisation in service can lead to a huge profitable result.

Keep exploring. Happy Business!

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