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New Business Idea - Food Packing Parcel Cover - Best Business - Small Business Ideas - Automatic Dosa Making Business

Food as Business

Food is an essential nutrition provider for humans to live and survive. This substance has a widespread market capital and a huge chain of processes in various forms. One such huge business is the restaurant and hotel services where several dependent sectors are nurtured along.

The Hotel Industry is a multi-billion-dollar business, which has almost as much as 25% of the entire world turnover. This makes benefit on the go for multiple sub sectors that have primary supplies to these hotel industries. [Checkout the exciting Melamine Crockery Business Idea]

Those ranges from the raw materials for cooking the ranges of dishes, to the electric appliances and many other packing materials as well.

Packing in Hotel

Despite the local laws and the material availability, the hotels will have their own method of packing the foods to the customer. Certain packages will also have a traditional and religious significance for the same dishes served.

For Instance, the hot pongal served in a temple is not the same as the one packed in a famous vegetarian restaurant. Perhaps, both are the same dish and have equal significance in the body, but not to the human mind. [Best Business to get associated with Big Basket]

Every hotel will follow their own pattern of materials used in packaging and for which they source the materials accordingly. The package materials should be food graded and safe for the consumers since they carry food for humans.

There are several governing bodies which derive rules from time to time to make sure the materials used are adhered to the human safety standards at all times.

Parcel Covers

The most common and readily used packaging material is the parcel cover, which happens to be seen in one out of three hotels in any region. The reason being its convenience and abundance in availability. Nevertheless, the supply is perennial, the demand further surges every time to time due to the increase in the business participants in the Hotel sector. [Watch the video on Herbal Steam Inhalation Business]

You could see hotels started at every single corner of the streets in India, which makes the demand for the packing materials that abide the safety standard and are affordable by the hotel entrepreneurs.

When it comes to these parcel covers production, it always has a niche market from the producers throughout the nation.


Business Prospects of Parcel Cover

Having said about the industry and the process, along with the demand and supply of the parcel covers; The production setup of these parcel covers require a minimal effort and few initiatives on top of investments.

This has been detailed with the method and business promotions pointers in the below video. Further the real time trends in the industry and the contemporary process of setting up a unit for the aspiring entrepreneurs is explained with ease of phrases to make the listeners understand better. [Know about the Best Business Idea on Steam Vapouriser Trade]

Watch the video and let us know your thoughts below in the comments section.

Apparently, the contact references to machinery requirements for the setup have been shared below for your convenience. Do check and make use of them wisely.

Paper Roll to Roll Lamination with Slitting

Automatic Grade - Semi-automatic

Frequency - 50 Hz

Driven Type - Electric

Voltage - 220 V

Reference Link - https://im/pr-rls.html

Silver Laminated Roll

Size - 14 Inch

GSM - 120 - 150

Colour - Brown & Golden


Reference Link - https://im/pr-slr.html


Raw Material



Biodegradable Bag

 Machine Reference


Automatic Dosa Making Machine




Butter Paper Manufacturing Business

Machine Reference



Kraft Paper Bowl Making Business

Machine Reference




Food Container Printing

The Food Business is one of the profitable businesses in the world. We all know a first impression is the best impression, so every business has to impress their customer by providing quality foods, various offers and discounts, also packing plays a vital role for every business. If we provide good packing, it not only impresses the customer, it will also promote their own brand name.

This business is mainly focused on printing food containers. Nowadays, most of the food shops are tied up with online delivery-so we need to ensure leak- proof container boxes. If we buy the container boxes at wholesale we will be getting only plain. So we need to print the food shop name. It’s a way to promote our business and customer will recollect our name even if they have not visited our restaurant and ordered online

Investment is an important part of every business. We can start this business with 2 lakhs of capital and its one time investment. Basically this business is based on job work model so we don't need to stock the product.

Machine can operate in a single phase and we need approximately 500sq.ft of space to run this business . We can get 30% of profit from this business. We can avail business loans. Please check the link below. I have listed some of the subsidy references.



 Machine Supplier




Brown Kraft Paper Rewinding Business

Machine Reference


All the best!

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