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Oil and Fat in the Diet.

Oils and Fats are not a food itself, perhaps provides the essential nutrients and are a must in the healthy diet plate.

Though there are several debates on the types and ingredients of an oil, in order to consume them for the healthy concerns, there are several types of oils made across the world flooded in the Global Market with various benefits tagged to their names.

The cooking oil is a major shareholder in the food sector, like the crude oil in the international market ;) 

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Cooking Oil Business

The dominance of the Oil has made the possibilities of Business Ideas in this sector throughout ages. The concept we’ve discussed in the upcoming video today would give a detailed insight on the oil production and commercial marketing of them in a Small Business environment with a highly profitable business tactic.

As we know, there are several types of cooking oils and each one has their own nutrients, which we can see in brief.

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Olive Oil

The healthiest oil and highly recommended by the physicians for the people with cardiac issues. However, this oil originates from the western countries and is imported to India.

There are various variants depending on the manufacturing and raw materials used. This oil is highly used for several methods of cooking and consuming purposes such as Sautee, stir frying, frying, deep frying, cooking, salad oils and margarine.


Coconut Oil

One of the south Indian’s favourite oil, perhaps originates from the god’s own country and has a great appeal in the international market.

This oil is rich in saturated fat and does a lot of goodness to the consumer. The usages are catered for Frying, baking, salad dressings, Cooking, tropical cuisine and beauty products.


Sunflower Oil

A commercial oil which is used throughout the world as common cooking oil, perhaps the commercialisation has made its application spread across various home food products and packaged industrial food product productions.

The common usages of sunflower oil are Frying, Cooking, salad dressings, margarine, shortening and Commercial food manufacturing.

Rice bran Oil

The recently originated type is perhaps claimed as a healthy alternative for the conventional oils by the commercial market. The Rice bran Oil has a wide application of usage for Cooking, frying, deep frying, salads, dressings. Very clean flavoured & palatable.


Peanut Oil

The traditional Indian oil, which is predominantly consumed across south India for its strong flavour and the taste of the natural peanut. The oil is rich in unsaturated fat, which is a concern for most of the health advisors and hence advised to be in limitation for consumption.

Peanut Oil is used across various Frying, cooking, salad oils, margarine and deep-frying purposes.


Palm Oil

The oil that has the most commercial and food production application almost in all the regions of the world is Palm Oil. 

Mostly originated from the middle east countries and are used for Frying, cooking, flavouring, vegetable oil and shortening the foods.


Sesame Oil

Sesame Oil is a predominant south Indian oil, claimed by its health benefits and the nutrients by the people throughout the tradition. 

The extent of the usage goes beyond Cooking and deep frying, till applying all over the body for massage and retaining the body health.


Soybean Oil

The budding oil which is perhaps produced as an alternate for the commercial value to use in the animal feed and cooking oil demand.

Soybean Oil has a high protein value and is widely used for Cooking, salad dressings, vegetable oil, margarine and shortening.

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Business Ideas in Tamil Video

Having detailed the concept and the types here we have the details of the Raw Materials and the Machinery details to plan and execute this business idea.

Any business with consistent effort and a passionate vision will definitely set a high success irrespective of the market volatility.

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Machine Details

Product: Mini Oil Press Machine
Design: Standard
Capacity: 4-8 Kg / Hr
Power: 0.75 Hp
Volt: 220/110 v

Product: Wooden Oil Ghani Machine
Type: Semi-Automatic / Automatic
Capacity: 1-5 ton /day
Power: 2 Hp

Product: Automatic Oil Packing Machine
Volt: 220 v
Power: 0-2 Kw
Packaging: Side Sealing, Three Side and Four Side sealing

Packing Material

Product: Printed Spout Pouch
Pattern: Printed
Material: PP
Application: Packaging

Cotton Seed Oil Machine

Plants Reference

These are the references for pursuing this concept, perhaps not limited. You can always explore your own horizons and get your own references and contacts.
Use the concept and contacts, wisely. Happy Business!

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