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Dry Fish Poultry Feed Manufacturing Business - Profitable Business - Namum Business Seiyalaam

 Dry Fish Poultry Feed Manufacturing Business


Fish meal is one of the best nutritious feed for pet feed, birds feed, fish feed and animal feed. Fish meals are rich in protein and omega 3 fatty acids.[Best Business to get associated with Big Basket]


Advantage of Fish Meals

·      It will reduce the mortality of younger animals

·      It will also reduce inflammatory disease

·      It will improve immunity

·      It will also Cost effective

·      It will increase productivity


Fish meal is made of small types of fishes like sardines. Also, fish meal is a commercial product that are not used for human consumption. Fish meals are made by grinding dried fish or steamed fish which also includes fish wastage and prawn wastage.


The dry fish poultry feed business is very good small scale manufacturing business, anyone can start with less investment and experience. The main challenge is sourcing quality raw material and marketing.[Checkout the exciting Melamine Crockery Business Idea]


Commercially fish meal is very profitable business. We need dry fish grinding machine and land requirements to start this business. We can go for MSME loan for machinery. [Watch the video on Herbal Steam Inhalation Business]



·      Per kg profit 15rs​

·      50kg bags Supply ​

·      Poultry feed​

·      750rs for 50kg​

·      10bags each shop x 5 Shops weekly​

·      50bags weekly x 750rs =  37,500rs​

·      Supply 4 weekly per month 112,500rs​



We can sell fish meal directly in online stores like Amazon,flip-kart and pet shops.For bulk sales we can approach poultry feed manufacturer,broiler chicken farms,country chickens farms,duck farms and quail farms even in fish farms.[Know about the Best Business Idea on Steam Vapouriser Trade]


Product - Dry Fish

Type - Wholesalers
Source - Sea Food
Variant - Several






Fish Amino Acid


  •    Remove the fish intestines (Using intestines is not harmful but it smells bad)​
  •     Add Jaggery​
  •     Plastic Drum or Glass Jar​
  •     Cover the jar with the cap​
  •     Mix it well by shaking​
  •     Don’t add water. ​
  •     21 - 30 days this will be fermented. ​
  •     Filter it in nylon mesh to get 300-500 ml solution will change into honey brown color     like  syrup. ​
  •    Great nutrient for the plants.



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