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Wax Human Statue Making Business - Earn in Lakhs in Short Period

Human Wax Statue


Now a day Human wax Statue is more popular and booming business for creative statue makers.

Raw Material

The main raw material used in this statue is silicon rubber mold .Silicon is the best product to recreate the eyes, nose cheeks and finer lines on the face. Silicon rubber cost around 1200Rs Per Kg.

Market Cost

Basically, the cost of the human wax jewellery depends on the size and specification of the statue. Approximately it comes around 6 Lakhs – 10 Lakhs.


        Color Never Fade -  The color of the statue not fade

        Jewellery – We can wore any type of jewellery

        Stitch Hair – Also we can stitch artificial hair as per specifications

        Comb Hair – We can comb hair

        Dress Change – Dress can be changed as per our wish

        Flexible Movement – The statue will be flexible for movements

        Human Skin Tone – The main advantage of silicon wax is, we can get natural human skin tone.

        Easy Transportation

        Easy Assembling

        Carbon Box Packing

        Fix it Up Quickly

        No Technical Requirements needed for assembling the statue


Time duration varies from statue to statue. Usually it takes 2 to 4 months to complete the human wax statue. Also the life of the statue is up to 50 years, if we maintained properly it will be long lasting.

Making Procedure

        First get photos from the client

        Then need to edit the photos as per specifications

        Need to Sketch the Posture

        Fix the Angle Position

        Statue painting is very important to get natural look.

        Last Step end with Make Up

Anyone can start this business with proper training and skill. We can get order easily if we can give quality and on time delivery. Also, we can get advance payment from client and finish the work.SO no need to invest much in this business. Choose proper raw material and making methods to earn more profit. 

 Sample Wax Statue Reference


Training Reference 

 Give it a try, all the best!

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