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About Us


A Passion, a Vision and a Pathway – for several people, enterprises and the nations. 

It’s the mainstream of any commercial activity that aids the very existence of an economy. 

The flow of commodity, goods and services are the essentials of a business. Perhaps, the sectors and domains are catered into several streams. 

In generic, Business has been a desire for almost every individual who wanted to be a self-sustained and an independent achiever of a great dream. 

Unlike any other pathway in one’s career, it’s the business that requires a great skill and power to organise, both self and others. 

Unless you get the courage to mould yourself from top to toe, you won’t be able to get aligned with the process of doing a business.

An art of Business

Having said that, it’s technically an art that anyone can train themselves to become and acquire that pleasure of being a Business Man. 

Although the pain and effort behind a first generation business man is not fruitful, the end result when it ripens makes it an ultimate. 

As a matter of fact, no business will have all the blossoms all the season, apparently it’s the pilot who droves, it has to be so cautious in the curves, bends and to pass the narrow ridges to reach the height. 

Hence the way, the essence and the root must be lain enough to get this art in place and to move ahead on the stream.

Business Ideas

We at Business Ideas (, nurture the actual inner spark of every individual with the enlightenment  that serves as the core value for them to hold and groom upon. 

Besides the fact that each concept and idea here shared with tremendous research and analysis to the viewers, the probabilities with real time market arena along with Business Strategies and Contemporary Tactics are narrated in order to make it a sophisticated platform for sharing the knowledge.

On the other hand, there are several Innovative and Futuristic thoughts that are put forward with a sole purpose of taking part in the process of transformation of human lives and thereby benefiting the users.

This channel is an initiative from Namum Business Seiyalaam Movement.