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The Business Ideas, suggestions and videos posted on the website(s) and; And YouTube Channels Namum Business Seiyalaam,  Take the Bull,  BEL English and/or any other windows or social hands, is a non-commercial and created out of best interest to share the knowledge obtained from various sources.

The Business Concepts explained and Business Calculations provided are for reference purpose; and made with the standard considerations of factors that may be biased or legitimate to a region or area or country and perhaps not the whole; and may differ under various circumstances, market and situations.

It's provided only with an intend to share about the concept and to initiate the vision of seeing possibilities in every means, thereby leading the morale boost for every individual to have a sustained and self-dependent life.

The viewers are advised to do their own research to use any such concept with regard to the ground reality, training, understanding the concept, market potentials, demand, possibilities in specific to their region, target audience and a strategy with proper analysis.

It's to be understood that all the supplements and the contents provided, published and promoted here are for the due consideration to the viewers and not the recommendations on the whole. It's at the sole discretion of the viewers to ignore or consider according to their need and requirement.

Neither the channel nor the presenters or any of the resources used or mentioned, are responsible for any issues or profit or loss for any individual or a group by adapting the actual model projected without their own effort of ground work and understanding the practical reality in specific to the possibilities and probabilities.

As part of the initiative to share the knowledge, this program has been publicized and circulated. The ground reality may or may not differ in certain circumstances, which is not the responsibility of the channel or the presenter. It's at the sole liability of the viewer and the person who uses such concept.

The channel or presenter or any other supporting materials published will not force or indulge in deceiving any of the viewers and is explained or shared to make the spread of the innovative ideas and methods that has worked for us or to any of our sources.

The viewers should always do their own ground work and effort to understand before implementing any such concept explained. And the viewers are at their own discretion, to either consider or ignore any concept or tips mentioned in the channels or websites or any of the materials circulated. 

Apparently, as always nothings can be accomplished with immediate effect or in a finger snap. There has to be a deliberate effort and smartness to achieve success and reach an ambitious goal. 

Don't forget that Hard work never fails!

Note: Kindly feel free to put a word to us on, for any questions or queries.