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No Investment Business Ideas | Work from Home | Sell using Flipkart | e-commerce Business


Sales is an ongoing activity in the world of business, where the seller or provider supplies the goods or service to the appropriate buyers, based on the appropriateness, demand in the market and individual requirements. [Also Read: Protein Rich Roasted Chickpeas Business]

Sales and Marketing are closely related and often used as synonymous, which is perhaps distinct from one another and are interrelated.

Mostly the dominance of effort in marketing would lead to the sales volume and the corporate sales strategy has a marketing tactic in broad for efficient coverage of demand. [Also Read: Profitable Oil Business Idea]

Eventually the advancement made through the industrial revolution has brought a fanciness in the marketing that has made several genres of spread across the mediums and a dramatic progress.

Digital Sales

One such leap in the sales that has already witnessed a boom in the global market for almost all the purchases in the urban and rural regions, is sales through digital platforms.

Since this channel is where the mass marketing activity is covered in order to attract the huge volume of customers. [Also Read: Healthy Herbal Water Business]

Although the digital platform is directly related to the digital marketing strategies, mostly the vicinity of these kinds of promotions at the least level would go without much reach due to the volume of attraction and target coverage.

Hence an affiliate business program can help a lot to address this grey area, where the corporate giants or investors would do their part for the promotion in their digital sales platform for a collaborated sale from several sellers for a small margin. [Also Read: Protein Rich Roasted Chickpeas Business]

This option will create a wide opportunity for many small and medium businesses to penetrate the market with their goods and services; besides, taking them to the remotest corner of the world.

One such business idea is being elaborated today in the below video and with more details beneath. Do watch the video and continue further.

Having said about the benefit and the process to get yourself attached to the great online market place, below is the reference link provided for a post explaining the step by step process involved to register Flipkart Seller Account.

Do check the same along with an additional market analysis detail on the products that are of high demand in the e-commerce platform.

How to register free Flipkart Seller Account?
Hope the post was helpful and resourceful. Do let me know your comments in the below section.

Happy Business.

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  1. Madam idula 10 items iruku sonniga Ana ilaya madam

    1. Hello, it's not 10, it's 50. Check the video and for the list go to the registration page under How to register free Flipkart Seller Account? on the above post. Thanks


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