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Salt in a broad spectrum is a mineral composed of several compounds and is predominantly available in Seawater, except for rock salt. Salt is an essential for human beings and is one of the basic tastes of humans. [Also Read: Amazon Delivery Partner Business Idea]

A large amount of salt is processed from seawater across the globe and a considerable quantity is being processed by many other means depending on the tradition and practice. The usage of salt in the cuisine has been practiced ever since 5400 BC. [Also Read: High Profit Flour Business Idea]

The fluid balance is effectively addressed by salt in humans and is recommended by the health advisors to be added with the food products as essential. Although essential it’s harmful to take it less or more than that required. [Also Read: Farming Business Idea - Hydroponics]

Salt has almost 40% of Sodium that helps the body to maintain the fluid levels, which is why it takes place in almost all the food products. Besides the sodium property, the salt acts as a preservative in most of the food products as well. [Also Read: Buy and Sell Clothing Business Idea]

Although salt has various origins and different methods of preparation depending on the region of manufacturing, the purpose remains the same almost. In-spite of more than 30 plus types of salt used across the world, the white salt produced from seawater contributes to almost 80% among them. [Also Read: Innovative Business Idea Eatable Plate]

The commercial market of the white salt is huge and has a great number of major players already in the market. Perhaps, the recent alternate which is claimed to be healthier than the former in the Indian Subcontinent is the Himalayan Rock Salt. [Also Read: Safe Home Business Idea - House Sanitation]

Himalayan Rock Salt

The Himalayan Rock Salt is mined from the Punjab region of Pakistan, which is pink in colour due to the mineral impurities. The usage also extends from the usual table salt to decorative lamps and in the spas for therapy. [Also Read: Ready Made Samosa Business Idea]

Though they’re mined in the Himalayan salt range mountain they’re exported in bulk to various countries to process as common salt. The colour ranges from half white to transparent and some being pink to beetroot red depending on the mineral impurities present in them. [Also Read: Cow Dung to Sacred Ash Business Idea]

This salt has a market prospect across various countries during recent times and has a great business option for the aspiring entrepreneurs. They can be processed or traded or value added to take part in the commercial chain. [Also Read: Innovative Business Idea, Ice Cream Dosa Business]

A business concept on how to make the prospective trade of these salt is being detailed in the video below, with the real-time probabilities and marketing techniques. Watch the video and check further beneath for the references of machinery and the raw materials. [Also Read: No Investment Flipkart Seller Business]

Raw Material

Best Business Idea Himalayan Pink Rock Salt Business Idea - Himalayan Rock Salt Lumps

Product - Himalayan Rock Salt
Form - Lumps
Colour - Pink

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Machine Details

Best Business Idea Himalayan Pink Rock Salt Business Idea - Pulveriser Machine

Product - Pulveriser Machine
Type - Semi Automatic
Material - SS

Reference Contact Link:
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White Salt

Himalayan Pink Salt


Having said that the references are for assistance purpose and neither endorsed nor recommended. It’s always the aspirants who may have to explore the best possible references which are resourceful and with good margin. [Also Read: Farming Business Idea, Ajwa Dates Business]

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