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Multilayer Farming - Earn 1.5 Million - Moringa Leaves - Polyfarming - Garlic - Flower Farming - Small Business Ideas - Namum Business Seiyalaam

Green Moringa Leaves

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Moringa oleifera is the most widely cultivated species of the genus Moringa, which is the only genus in the family Moringaceae. English common names include: moringa, drumstick tree, horseradish tree, ben oil tree, or benzoil tree

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Cherry Tomato Farm

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Papaya Seeds

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Red Lady Papaya Seed


Tamilnadu Agriculture Training

Flower Farming

We can get wholesale flower seeds from the below link.Also watch the video to know more details on this business.


Dragon Fruit Farming


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Garlic Polyfarming

Low Maintanance
5 Times Productivity
Low Water Consumption


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Brinjal Farming 


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Short Breed Coconut Tree


Multilayer Farming

Ginger is planted below the surface and above that are green vegetables.Then you have scarlet gourd growing to about 7 feet and towering over it are papaya trees.Earn 1.5Million every year from 2.5 acres from multi layer farming.


Different kinds of plants




The estimated cost of buying grass and bamboo for 1 Acre is Approximately 1 to 2 Lakhs.Investment is required every five years.So the overall cost of bamboo and grass for 1 year  is about 25000Rs-30000Rs.

We need overall investment ranges from 4 - 5 Lakhs. We can also earn additional income by selling vermicompost and cow milk.Multi layer cropping is cost effective and requires less labour.



We can crop greens like fenugreek,spinach, mint and coriander.The benefits will be high in this method also these kind of plants completely cover the ground surface within 2-3 weeks of planting.It will reduce the space for other unwanted weeds or grass to grow.This helps to save money on deweeding.

We also get regular daily income from green vegetables and green leaves. Also we can avoid expensive poly-houses,the shades can be created by using materials like bamboo and other materials which are easily available.Even in summer season we can get good yield if we use these shades.

We also grow papaya and drumstick leaves.we need to maintain a distance between each tree.By this method farmers can have a regular income throughout the year.The bamboo shades also protects the crops from heat and biodegradable.Multilayer farming requires less water.

Land 2 Acre

Investment Rs1,00,000

Total Earning 13 Lakhs

Papaya = 2.5 Lakhs

Ginger = 6 Lakhs

Green Vegetables = 1 Lakhs

Vermicompost = 1 Lakhs

Drumstick Leaves = 1.50 Lakhs

Green Vegetables = 1 Lakhs Cow Milk = 2 Lakhs

Multilayer Farming Details



Pirandai Salt

Pirandai medicinal Value and uses. Pirandai medicinal uses are many and it is available in minimal cost. Pirandai plant is used in the preparation of medicines in siddha and ayervedha. Name of Pirandai in English : Edible Stemmed Vine In siddha medicine Pirandai is used to cure knee problems and used in the treatment of fracture. Pirandai oil is prepared by adding sesame oil with Pirandai. This is applied on the area of bone fracture and also for sprain. Pirandai juice is prepared by boiling and mashing then 1tsp of honey is added for three to four tsp of juice. This is given for ladies those who are having irregular menstrual cycle. In the village side of Tamil nadu yellow stem (ripped) part is heated in the flame and the juice is extracted. Two or three drops of the juice is put for ear infection. In siddha medicine Pirandai root podi is prepared and given. This can rejoin the broken or dislocated bones in the body. Pirandai recipes are best for people those who are having digestion problems. Pirandai Recipes Pirandai chutney or pirandai thuvaiyal recipe pirandai kulambu The above Pirandai Recipes are prepared as medicinal recipes even in village side. Preparation method is same like sambar and tamarind chutney. Note: fry Pirandai in sesame oil while using in chutney or kulambu.

Organic Pirandai Plants.

www.Organic Pirandai


Green A Grade Taiwan Pink Guava

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Mint Farming 


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Green Chilli Farming


Government Schemes



Green Chilli Plants



Lady's Finger Farming

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Marigold Farming


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Yellow Cucumber Farming



Amla Farming 

Drip Irrigation Subsidy


Pepper Farm




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