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Best Business Idea - Key Smith Business - Lock and Key - Small Business Ideas - Steel Scrubber Manufacturing

A Key - Lock and Key

A mechanical or an electronic device used to fasten which can be operated using a physical object or a combination of codes or a secret information such as password or pin number thereof, or can only be opened from one side such as door chain, cycle lock, locker, etc.

A device that is used to operate the lock is called Key. A conventional key is a small piece of metal consisting of a bow that protrudes outside of a lock to apply torque by the user and a bit or blade which slides into the keyway of the lock that has distinguishable differences between different keys. [Also see - New Business Idea, Food Parcel Cover Making]

The purpose of the key is to act as a security token which allows access to the locked area that is designated to allow people who have the correct key. Some of the most complex lock and key systems will have two distinct keys of which one happens to be a master key and serves to open the locks.

There are several metals and casted combinations of materials used to make a key. Of which the most common ones being Brass, Plated Brass, Silver, Steel, Iron and Nickel.

Significance and Development of Keys

Almost more than 6000 years the lock and key systems are in place for various purposes of securing the access across several valuables and places. It had a difference in materials used and the method of operation depending on the region of production, the purpose and the value of the product or place to which it is used. [Know about the Best Business Idea on Steam Vapouriser Trade]

However, the valuation or the significance of the protection required, the key acted as a significant object to gain the access and ensured that the security breach is evaded at all times.

Modern evolution of metallurgy and science has brought several combinations of materials and metals to make a lock and key. Despite the making method and materials evolved, the purpose and significance of a key remained the same till date.

Types of Locks

Following are the types of locks, perhaps few are without a physical key but predominant of them has one made out of metal. 

Bicycle lock, Cam lock, Chamber lock, Child safety lock, Chubb detector lock, Combination lock, Cylinder lock, Dead bolt, Electric strike, electronic lock, Passive electronic lock, Lever tumbler lock, Lock screen, Luggage lock, Magnetic keyed lock, Magnetic lock, Mortise lock, Padlock, Pin tumbler lock, Police lock, Protector lock, Rim lock, Time lock and etc.

Key and Key Smith

Having said about the lock and key systems, the most significance lies with the keys as safeguarding their storage has been made using several simple to complex methods. However, the process of remaking a key in order to gain the access to the lock during the times of loss of the former has made the development of a profession that makes the alternate keys similar to that of the one which was actually made along with the lock itself. [Best Business to get associated with Big Basket]

This can sometimes be a copy of the actual using the original to increase the number of keys or sometimes without one and with few technical observations. Over the period of time, this profession has evolved to make keys for various locks besides the actual conventional locking systems.

Today the locks such as door locks, interior locks, cupboard locks, vehicle locks, automatic locks and many more advanced locking systems are recreated by these locksmiths. As the significance of the locking and security increases, the probability of this business and its prospect happens to see more development.

Below is a video detailing the actual business prospect along with the real time market analysis of this locksmithing. Get to know the details and give it a try in this field or have an insight to gain the knowledge.

On top of the detailed business concept, here are a few contact references mentioned below on the machineries which are required for the execution of the same. These are the links for reference and understanding purpose only and are not endorsed or suggested to go with by neither the channel, website nor the presenter. It’s at your sole discretion to evaluate the genuinity and authenticity of these contact references. [Checkout the exciting Melamine Crockery Business Idea]

Silca Twister II Key Cutting Machines

Machine Type - Automatic

Voltage - 220V

Dimple keys trace HSSr - 65mm

Laser keys tracer HSS - 2.5mm

Minimum Order Quantity - 1

Reference Link - https://im/stkcm.html

Mini Key Cutting Machine

Machine Type - Made in India

Minimum Order Quantity - 1

Application - Cutting Automobiles Cylindrical, Cross Shaped and Domestic Keys

Machine Net Weight - 5 kg

Reference Link - https://im/mkcm.html



Steel Scrubber Making Business 


Material Grade                  SS304, SS304H, SS304L, SS310, SS310S, SS316, SS316L etc
Wire Material                    SS
Usage/Application             Industrial
Thickness                          0.05 to 2mm
Packaging Type                 Roll
Technique                         Hot Rolled
Length                              25 m, 50 m  


Machine and Raw Material Reference




Memory Card Business 



Momory Card Printing Machine



Green Scrub Pad

 Raw Material




Manual Cutting Machine




Foam Scrubber

 Machine Reference



Wood Carving Business


Machine Reference


Training Reference


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