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How To Start Fresh Pearl Farming - Namum Business Seiyalaam - Low Investment

 How To Start Fresh Pearl Farming Business

Pearl farming is comparably easiest framing. We can earn good profit in pearl farming with low investment. There are many varieties available in pearl breeds. We need choose the proper one for profitable farming.

Farming Methods:

There are many types of methods involved in the pearl farming. Tank Farming, Tray Farming, Cement Tank farming, Pond farming and even we can grow fresh pearls in fish tanks. We need proper equipment’s for the successful framing. 


We required motor, Aerator, heater filters, air pump and water pipe.


We have to feed pearls once in one week. And it cost around 200Rs per year. Pearl farming business is suitable for low investment business starters. Pearls require more vitamins and minerals in their feed.

First step one needs to follow is to get the water tested to understand its aquaculture and this can be done in a government laboratory​


There will be one day training available in many places. Anyone interested in pearl farming, they can attend the proper training hence they can do the business without loss.

There are two types of pearls. One is designer pearl which made by inserting designer mold into the shell and we need to wait for 8 months to get that exact design. The Other one is round shaped pearl, it will form in many layers and it takes 24 months to grow completely


Example  if we grow 25,000 oysters can be put in a one-acre pond​ and each oysters will produce 2 pearls. Pearl can cost Rs 120​, If the quality is good, the pearl price can go up to Rs 200​.60 percent oysters in your pond turn out fine, then you can easily earn up to 30 – 35 lakh rupees Yearly​.    Small Set up 25,000Rs Investment – 3 Lakhs Profit​


We have a wide market for fresh water pearls worldwide. Most of the pearl farmers will sell the pearls to the jewelers .We can increase our profit by making our own design in pearl so we cans ell it 10 Times Profit in the market.


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