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Used Cooking Oil Business - Biodiesel - Namum Business Seiyalaam - High Profit

Used Cooking Oil Business

India is the largest oil consumption country in the world, the food Safety and Standards Authority Of India (FSSAI) initiated to collect and convert the used cooking oil into bio diesel under RUCO - Repurpose Used Coking Oil.

The Main motto is to collect used cooking oil from chain of resturants,hotels,college hostels and cottage industry. The Collected oil can be stored in a container and the customer gets paid immediately.

The Biodiesel manufacturing companies providing training to their employers, how to collect the used oil and to explain the hazards in the used cooking oil. Anyone can do this business without investment and they can earn minimum 10,000Rs Per Month.

The used oil is more toxic and it will create many health hazards such as hypertension, atherosclerosis and liver disease hence it was essential to monitor the oil during frying. All food business operators should monitor the quality of oil during frying by complying with the said regulations.

The Ruco initiated to disposal of used cooking oil, very often discarded in an environmentally hazardous manner or finds its way to small eateries, dhabas and street-vendors.

The FSSAI department also given the Rapid Test Kit for deduction of adulteration to all primary health centers in all districts for easy detection of adulteration in various food products such as jaggery,ghee and turmeric.

The government has encouraged the manufacturing of biofuel from the used cooking oil, in order to manage the waste from the household and restaurants effectively.

Everyone should avoid  using repeated used cooking oil to secure their healthy life as well as bio diesel conversion is really good initiative for country. Biodiesel produce less noxious emission than diesel fuel.

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