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Synthetic Daimond Manufacturing Business - Huge Demand - Profitable Business in India - Namum Business Seiyalaam

 Lab Grown Diamond Manufacturing Business


This business requires huge capital simultaneously we can get double the profit. Most of the diamonds are lab made is very small in size. Lab grown diamonds also called synthetic diamonds and Man-made diamonds. These types of diamonds mainly manufacturing in India, China and Russia.

Raw Material​

Lab grown diamonds were made by carbon graphite, the synthetic diamonds are formed in days or weeks. They are generally grown using two methods. HPHT – High Pressure and High Temperature method, which is used in china. The method is Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) which is used in USA and India.

Synthetic lab grown diamonds provides a huge opportunity for India. The diamond city in of India is Surat, 80% of lab grown diamonds are manufactured in Surat

Synthetic diamonds are pure than the real natural diamonds, they don’t have any dirt or impurities since they are made under controlled conditions. The lab created diamonds are less value than the natural diamonds. Synthetic diamonds are 40-50% less expensive than the mined diamonds.

Lab grown diamonds are made by high pressure electricity it’s not good for environment and there will be less resale value in synthetic diamonds

India exports polished lab-grown diamonds 

·        USA​

·        Hongkong​

·        UAE​

·        Israel​

·        Belgium ​


Grade coloured stones as per GIA’s grading standards for Colour, Clarity, Cut quality​

Learn to describe a gemstone's colour in terms of hue, tone and saturation​

Learn to judge gem quality factors​

Learn about the relationship between light and colour​

Understand accurate gem-testing procedures and techniques​

Business Investment - Profit​


Export of lab-grown diamonds in April-June shot up to Rs 1918.63 crore 2021​

1 Crore Minimum Start Up​

Profit Double the investment​

Training Reference 


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