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Thai Guava a Profitable Farming Business - Namum Business Seiyalaam - Small Business Ideas

Nutritional Guavas

Guavas are fruits rich in vitamins, fibre, lycopene, folate and essential minerals. It helps in reducing the risk of diabetes, regulates blood pressure and helps in improving eye health. There are multiple varieties of Guavas produced and marketed across the regions depending on their specific cultivation methods and demand in the market. [Also Read: Amazon Delivery Partner Business Idea]

Thai Guava

Thai Guava is an innovative variety, developed by a private research organisation in the horticulture sector. Perhaps, it’s the biggest variety which is unique in all aspects. Thai Guavas have a mild, subtle sour and sweet taste for fresh and cooked preparations. Mostly these fruits are consumed fresh as a snack with few other spicy ingredients while they’re crunchy and firm. Thai Guavas can also be used in cooking preparations that are sweet and savoury.

Origin of Thai Guava

Thai Guavas are a type of white guava that descended from the wild varieties native to South America. Over the centuries it’s been brought to various regions for cultivation and finally to Thailand during the 17th century. While they were exclusively bred in Thailand with more varieties, leading to label them as Thai Guavas. Today, though they’re cultivated primarily in Thailand, they’re spread across Southeast Asia and parts of the United States, and are distributed through specialty channels and farmer markets. [Watch the video on Herbal Steam Inhalation Business]

Cultivation of Thai Guava

Thai Guava trees require minimum maintenance and demand less attention while cultivating. However, marketing is the real challenge in the regions where they’re less familiar. Although the Thai Guavas are more well known in some of the markets across India, it’s always better to spread them to various new market places to understand the consumer appreciation.

Thai Guava a profitable farming business

One of the most profitable ventures in the farming sector, based on the current horticulture demand is these Thai Guavas. There can be an initial hesitation in certain regions for buying a massive Guava and consuming them in one go. Apparently, the continual exposure to the demand would lead this business venture to be a huge profitable option.

Contact Reference:

Soil Specific - Well Drained
MoQ - 100 Pieces
Price Range - Rs 20 to 25 per piece
Reference Link - https://proddetail/thai-guava-plant

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