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FSSAI Registration | Easy Explanation with Step by Step Guide Free Inside | Small Business Ideas

FSSAI Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), is a regulatory body in India which governs and oversees the food related businesses in specific to their quality and standards of production process across the nation. [ Also Read: Innovative Business Idea Eatable Plate ] It’s necessary that any Food Business Operator (FBO) in India, should register with the FSSAI in order to perform the business and has to ensure that the procedures, rules and the regulations laid down by the latter is adhered without any deviation. [ Also Read: Safe Home Business Idea - House Sanitation ] As any food business would involve Manufacturing, Processing, Packaging, Storage, Distribution, Wholesale and Retail Sales. It is mandatory that, at every step the food product passes with the appropriate quality parameters in order to make them safe for consumption of the consumers. [ Also Read: Buy and Sell Clothing Business Idea ] The FSSAI Registration is issued depending on the n

No Investment Business Ideas | Work from Home | Sell using Flipkart | e-commerce Business

Sales Sales is an ongoing activity in the world of business, where the seller or provider supplies the goods or service to the appropriate buyers, based on the appropriateness, demand in the market and individual requirements. [ Also Read: Protein Rich Roasted Chickpeas Business ] Sales and Marketing are closely related and often used as synonymous, which is perhaps distinct from one another and are interrelated. Mostly the dominance of effort in marketing would lead to the sales volume and the corporate sales strategy has a marketing tactic in broad for efficient coverage of demand. [ Also Read: Profitable Oil Business Idea ] Eventually the advancement made through the industrial revolution has brought a fanciness in the marketing that has made several genres of spread across the mediums and a dramatic progress. Digital Sales One such leap in the sales that has already witnessed a boom in the global market for almost all the purchases i