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Incredible Nuts, a dry fruit

Nuts are the edible parts of a plant seed, which often have an inedible hard shell covering. Most plants would have these nuts naturally released from their shells, unlike some which have to be removed by an artificial process, such as Cashew Nuts, Chestnuts, Almonds, Hazelnuts, etc. [Read Also: Healthy Millet Noodles Business Idea]

These nuts are incredible nutrient filled and have a dense energy filled. Almost many have a culinary usage, however they can also be consumed as raw to take the advantage of the entire nutrition from them. [Also Read: Farming Business Idea - Hydroponics]

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Nuts - Business Chronicle

Undoubtedly these are into the usage for several millennia, which made them a great business option throughout the periods from various genres and scales from a Small Business to a vast Manufacturing plant. [Also Read: High Profit Flour Business Idea]

Among these variants of nuts, there are some of them which have a high demand in the Global Market, that are indeed consumed in large urban and rural societies, such as Peanuts, Almonds, Walnuts, Cashews and Pistachios. [Also Read: Buy and Sell Copra Business Idea]

In fact, we could look at each one of them and their potentials to pick as a business career. While the time has to permit to take them in detailed presentation. Hence to start off, today we’ll look at the most preferred Indian Nut, which is none other than Cashew. [Read Also: Sweet Tamarind Snack Business]

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Cashews Production

India is the largest producer of Cashews, accounting to almost 20% of total world production, with a 102.7 Million hectare and a production of 72.5 Million MT. The major distribution is in the States of Kerala, Karnataka, Goa and Maharashtra along the West Coast, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Orissa along the East Coast and to some extent in the states of West Bengal, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Jharkhand & North Eastern States. [Also Read: Healthy Snack Vegetable Sticks Business]

Cashews for Export

India is the major exporter of cashew kernels, which accounts to a considerable foreign exchange up to 55 Billion Per Annum. Cashews are being exported to more than 60 countries across the world on top of other by-products like Cashew Nut Shell Liquid, Cardanol, etc. [Also Read: Work from Home Cooking Oil Business]

Indian government has set up a dedicated governing body “Directorate of CashewNut and Cocoa Development” to promote and develop the cashew production and the export business. [Also Read: Ready Made Samosa Business Idea]

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Cashew Nuts - Nutrition Facts

Cashews Amount Per 100 grams

Calories          553

Total Fat                      44 g
Saturated fat               8 g
Polyunsaturated fat   8 g    
Monounsaturated fat 24 g    
Cholesterol                0 mg

Sodium                        12 mg
Potassium                   660 mg
Total Carbohydrate   30 g
Dietary fiber               3.3 g
Sugar                          6 g
Protein                        18 g

Vitamin A                    0%
Vitamin C                   0%
Calcium                      3%
Iron                             37%
Vitamin D                    0%
Vitamin B-6                 20%
Cobalamin                  0%
Magnesium                 73%

Hope you’ve had enough details and methods to make this business execution. So, go on and pursue your passion for economical self-sustainment. [Also Read: Innovative Business Idea, Ice Cream Dosa Business]

Namum Business Seiyalaam Movement, has made this presentation along with Namum Business Seiyalaam, Manamkuda Business Cheyochu and Take the Bull for the benefit of the viewers. [Also Read: Waffle Street Food Business Idea]

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Here are few references for further insight on the machinery and the equipment used in this business. [Also Read: No Investment Flipkart Seller Business]

Machine Details:

Product:          Cashew Shelling Machine
Type:               Manual/ Semi-Automatic
Capacity:        40/50 Kg/Hr
Phase:             Three
Material:         SS

Product:          Cashew Nut Cutting Machine
Type:               Automatic
Capacity:        100-500 Kg/Hr
Phase:             Single
Power:            2 hp

Product:          Electric Cashew Nut Dryer
Type:               Semi-Automatic
Capacity:        15 Kgs - 1 Ton
Application:   Dehydration
Power:             Electricity

Product:          Cashew Peeling Machine
Material:         MS
Voltage:          220v
Phase:             Single
Frequency:    50 Hz

As always, we mention, these are the references and are not limited, besides being at your liberty of consideration and no obligation from neither the channel nor the presenter. [Also Read: How to Register your Food Business with Swiggy]

Having said that, nothing comes easy and don’t take things for granted. Use the concept and contacts wisely.

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Having detailed about the actual making and trading option, below is another similar genre of business that has been added on May 22, 2020.

The Business Crux

As you know there have been various tweaks which add the response to a business among the customer. Besides the actual quality there involves a key factor, the margin which makes it all in any business for the business owner. Thus, without compromising on the former, the latter will be looked closely to find the best means that can play a significant role in the marketing tactic. [Also Read: Innovative Business Idea Eatable Plate]

So, added to the actual manufacturing and trading process involved in the Cashew Nuts, here is another workaround detailed below with a more profitable stream and thereby a great opportunity to skill the end product with sumptuous profit. [Also Read: Safe Home Business Idea - House Sanitation]

Having detailed on the business concept and the probabilities along with the projections, here are a few references to add on for your repository on this business concept. [Also Read: Buy and Sell Clothing Business Idea]

Broken Cashew Trade Business Idea - Broken Cashew

Product:                  Broken Cashew
Packaging Size:    25 Kg
Packaging Type:  Bag
Type:                      Raw

Reference Seller Link:

*** Click below *** 

Broken Cashew Trade Business Idea - Broken Kaju

Product:                Organic Kaju
Packaging Size:  10 Kg, 25 Kg
Packaging Type: Bag
Type:                     Natural Broken

Reference Seller Link:

*** Click below *** 

Broken Cashew Trade Business Idea - Kaju Kani

Product:                Broken Cashew Nut
Packaging Size:  1 Kg, 5 Kg, 50 Kg
Packaging Type: Bag
Type:                     Natural Broken

Reference Seller Link:

*** Click below *** 

Broken Cashew

Though the reference contacts are projected, they’re neither recommended nor endorsed. It is up to the aspirant to go with their own reference or to explore them by their own. It’s always good to work with the best suit considering the quality and margin. [Also Read: Earn Automatically, Vending Machine Business Idea]

Wholesale Nuts Market


Cashew Butter

Machine Reference

Happy Business!
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