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Hot New Business Ideas | Spices & Masala Powder | Turmeric Powder | Mustard Seeds | Cinnamon Cassia Pattai | Manufacture and Market | Small Business Ideas

Spices and Condiments

Spices are the flavouring substances which are used in food and snack products for almost several millennia. Perhaps, India is a well-known country for its flavours and varieties of foods spread across the nation. [Also Read: How to Register your Food Business with Swiggy]

Apparently, the flavours are already floating in the Global Market, eventually making them a product of improvisation based on the sophistication in the current era. [Also Read: Innovative Business Idea Eatable Plate]

How to make them adaptable to the current population and urban markets across the globe? [Also Read: Instant and Healthy Oatmeal Business Idea]

To keep it simple!

This is the up-gradation in presentation and usability to the traditional product to keep it simple. [Also Read: Healthy Roasted Chickpeas Best Business Idea]

Thus, making it a great Innovative Business and a High Profit return from it.

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Spices of India

The list of spices of India have many produces and a natural product which booms the Agricultural Business in the country. [Also Read: Earn without Effort, Vending Machine Business Idea]

Some of the well-known spices are Cardamom, Pepper, Coriander, Mustard, Fenugreek, Nutmeg, Turmeric, Cumin, Saffron, Cassia Bark, Fennel, Asafoetida, Chillies, Peppercorn, Bay Leaf, Cinnamon, Ginger, Garlic, Mint, Basil, Star Anise, Capsicum, Tamarind and Clove. [Also Read: Work from Home Tea Dusk Repacking Business Idea]

Among these, most of them are used as fresh form and some are dried. However, the dried can all be made with ready to use powder form and fresh can be made into curie form. [Also Read: Cool Business Idea - Broken Cashews Trade]

Let's get a deeper insight through the below video. Watch and let me know how you feel about the Business Idea explained?

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Spices Making

Turmeric Powder

Mustard Seeds


On top of these concepts and processes explained, it’s the effort and genuine perseverance that can get any aspirant to greater heights in the business world. [Also Read: Best Business Idea, Direct Packing Tapes Reselling]

Of course, you would have got enough information, perhaps you may need some references for setting up the business plan. [Also Read: Hot New Healthy Diet Wheatgrass Business Idea]

Here are the details of the machinery for Manufacturing and packaging machines for Marketing the products. And an add on of raw material as well. [Also Read: Great Business Idea on Herbal Water a Village Farming Business]

It’s a reference link, which has been provided for assistance and you can very well explore your own possibilities based on the probabilities. [Also Read: Best Business Idea - Milk Powder Trade]

Machine Detail

Product:     Spice Grinder
Application:     Ready-made Masala
Material:     Mild Steel
Type:        Semi-Automatic
Capacity:    20-25 Kgs / 30-35 Kgs
Model:        2HP / 3HP

Product:     Spice Packing Machine
Application:     Masala Packing
Material:     Mild Steel
Type:        Automatic
Volt:        220 V
Model:        1HP - 2HP

Product:     Spice Packing Machine
Application:     Masala Packing
Material:     Mild Steel

Raw Material

Product:    Organic Turmeric Sticks
Packaging:    50 Kgs
Type:        Organic

Mustard Wholesale and Reselling Business - Mustard Seeds

Product:    Mustard Seeds
Packaging:    50 Kgs
Type:        Raw
Packaging: Plastic Bag

Reference Seller Link:
***Click below***
Mustard Seeds

Kerala Spice Cassia Cinnamon Ceylon Cinnamon Business Ideas - Cassia Pattai

Product: Cinnamon Cassia Pattai
Packaging Type: Carton
Form: Dried
MOQ: 10 Kg

Reference Link:

Use the concept and contact references wisely. Happy Business! [Also Read: How to Register your Food Business with Swiggy]

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