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Best Business Ideas - New Innovative Business - Pulses, Legumes Trade - Pulses or Idly Powder - Small Business Ideas - Self Employment


Pulses are the edible seeds of the plants that come from the legume family. They’re primarily cultivated for human consumption and a few animal feeds purposes. [Also Read: Healthy Millet Noodles Business]

The history of pulses comes along with the food industry for almost 10000 plus years and are consumed since the earliest human civilizations.

Pulses are healthy and nutritious, besides being easy to cook, which makes them a highly considered food product. Thus, this demand makes the increase in growth and cultivation which thereby promotes sustainable Agriculture. [Also Read: Buying and Selling Idli Rava Business]

Pulses are the crops that consume less amount of water compared to other crops, increasing the fertility of the soil, apart from helping to decrease greenhouse gases.

Types of Pulses

The FAO (The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) has recognised 11 types of pulses as primary and limits the term to the legumes harvested for dry grains, excluding those that are harvested green for food. [Also Read: Ready to Cook Food Business]

  • Dry beans
  • Dry broad beans
  • Dry peas
  • Garden pea
  • Protein pea
  • Chickpea
  • Dry cowpea
  • Pigeon pea
  • Lentil
  • Bambara groundnut
  • Vetch
  • Lupins
  • Pulses NES

Business prospects for the pulses

Being the product of high nutrition value and promoting the agricultural businesses, the commercial prospect of this product is high in the global market. There are several businesses which depend on the raw pulses, processing and value-added sales of them.

On top of the domestic market, they’re catered across international markets for their usage and high volume of consumption. [Also Read: Waffle Street Food Business Idea]

One such novel business option, which is perhaps a low investment and high profit means is being discussed with the market probabilities in the below video and few references beneath.

Hope the details were clear enough about the business methods and the market probabilities along with marketing techniques. [Also Read: Work from Home Frozen Samosa Business]

There is always a scope of product at a higher scale when the value addition is made for them with simple process improvements. Though the little effort would add a low investment, the prospect for the effort is much appreciable in the commercial market. [Also Read: Profitable Hydroponics Business Idea]

Having said about the business and the scope, below are few references for the wholesale purchase of Raw Material and Machinery.

Raw Material

Product: Toor Dal Whole
Colour: Yellow
Type: Whole Dal
Country of Origin: Africa
Minimum Quantity: 20 Ton


Product: Mini Dal Mill Machine
Capacity: 101-104 Kg / Hr
Type: Manual
Application: Masoor, Toor, Chana, Moong, All kinds
Power: 1-3 Hp

Product: Domestic Dal Mill
Grade: Semi-Automatic
Application: All kinds of pulses
Capacity: 0.5-1 Ton / day
Motor Type: Single Phase

Having shared these, do check the references and explore your own horizons to raise the bar. Perhaps, they are shared for the consideration and enlightenment of the concept and not a recommendation. [Also Read: No Investment Flipkart Seller Business]

Namum Business Seiyalaam - Take the bull - Manamkuda Business Cheyochu


Idly Powder

Apparently the pulses are used in further value added ready-made food products and these are used across the consumer market to have along with the main course of foods. [Also Read: Innovative Business Idea, Ice Cream Dosa Business]

Below is the detailed video on the preparation and marketing of these ready-made food along with the market potential and business strategy.

The ratio and ingredients for grinding the ready-made idly powder is furnished below; [Also Read: Great Lock down Business Idea - Vehicle Sanitisation]

For Idly Powder of 500 gms


Dry Chillies - 100 gms
Urad Dall - 200 gms
Channa Dall - 200 gms

Asafoetida Powder - 10 gms
Salt - As required
Curry Leaves - A hand full

Having said that, you may have to reduce the quantity of Urad and Channa Dall to 150 gms and add the other ingredients such as White Sesame, Black Sesame, Black Urad Dall, Horse Gram, Flax Seeds, Curry Leaves, Mint Leaves, Peanut, Coriander Leaves, Drum Stick Leaves and so on, for upto 100 gms to make the several other variants. [Also Read: Cool Business Idea - Broken Cashews Trade]

Besides, as an added piece of information, the wholesale market place is provided to explore the business idea with the mentioned products at the best price. [Also Read: Best Business Idea - Milk Powder Trade]

Food Grain Market
Wholesale Food Grain Market Complex
Near Omni Bus Stand, Koyambedu,
Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

Give it a try and make it a successful venture. Do let me know your thought about the concept and the references in the below section. [Also Read: Best Business Ideas - Seasonal Best Fruit Mangoes Business]


Flax Seeds Oil Extraction

Machine Reference
Toor Dal Wholesale Business
Wholesale Details
Broken Toor Dal
Whole Toor Dal

All the best!

Namum Business Seiyalaam - Take the bull - Manamkuda Business Cheyochu


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  1. Madam how to start this business and how much investment tell me

    1. Hello, that's what is explained in the video. Watch the video and you'll get it clarified. Also the reference contacts are provided in the above post. All the best.


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