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Small Business Idea - 10 Rupees Shop Business - New Business Idea - Low Investment Best Business

Large Scale Production and Low-Cost Sales

Large Scale Production is a key factor that benefits the reduction of the cost for the products in the market, which is the concept of “economies of scale” in microeconomics. Eventually the advantages of these products also lead the other supporting business processes to reap the profit as well. [Also Read: Paytm Seller Registration, A Step by Step guide]

10 Rupees Shop Business Idea Industry

The cycle of any economy exists for the production of products to the return of revenue after the sales and the cost-effective benefits in the process. Although setup and production require a capital in large, that can be acquired over the course of marketing and sales in high volumes. [Also Read: Earn Automatically, Vending Machine Business Idea]

There has always been a reserved market of demand for the least cost products across any region and commerce. Apparently, the widespread demand makes them to bag the benefits through various channels and around the season. [Also Read: Instant and Healthy Oatmeal Business Idea]

One such concept which is perhaps on the hyper of demand and benefiting the idea of small business at a low investment to yield a high profit in return is “10 Rupees Shop” [Also Read: Best Business Idea, Direct Packing Tapes Reselling]

10 Rupees Shop

The shop, filled with products that have various applications and demands from several sections of the household usage, with an attractive price tag of Rs 10/-. Besides being a factor of attraction for a floating population, they serve with the everyday products that take their niche in the regular household action. [Also Read: Roasted Chickpeas, a healthy Food Business Idea]

 10 Rupees Shop Business Idea Shop View

In addition to the factor of attraction and daily demands, this low investment business needs a limited resource to reap the highest profit in no time. The placement is a key factor that makes a dominant influence in the sales enhancement and revenue generation. [Also Read: Organic Business Idea, An Eatable Plate]

The effort of getting your skills in presenting them and the place you showcase are those that return your investment and profit. So, having said that, below is a video that explains you about this business idea with the market probabilities and marketing techniques to pursue as a start-up new business. [Also Read: Stay Away from CoVid-19, Safe Home Sanitizing Business Idea]

Namum Business Seiyalaam
Tamil Video

Take the bull
English Video

Manamkuda Business Cheyochu
Telugu Video 


The more the showcase, the more the benefit.

Of course, any business will have the increase in return when the product sale is high and the market reach is wider. So yeah, you’ve to increase your presence across regions and corners to make the sales high and thereby the returns. [Also Read: Great Business Idea on Herbal Water a Village Farming Business]

The effort involved would remain the same, however the reach will have to be made with the little extra piece of capital that can be regained in a short span though. [Also Read: Buy and Sell Business Idea, Clothing Business]

10 Rupees Shop Business Idea Bazaar

On the other hand, the reach would also create the branding factor which can make the expansion against the market vulnerabilities. As the 10 Rupees concept will always have its own demand and novelty among the customers and the market it is present. [Also Read: Home Business Idea, Shelled Peanut Business]

Having said about the in and out of the concept, here are the references of the wholesaler region to perform this business through procuring the products to cater the market of concentration. As always, it's a reference and perhaps, not suggestive or endorsed. It’s up to the viewers / readers liberty to use them. If so, use the concept and contacts wisely. [Also Read: Work from Home, Doormat Business Idea]

Nyniappa Naicken Street,
Park Town, Chennai - 600003
Tamilnadu, India

Wholesale Address
Old No.58, Narayana Mudali Street
"Ujjwala Complex", Chennai - 600079

All the best!

Namum Business Seiyalaam - Manamkuda Business Cheyochu - Take the Bull
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