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“Man is a Social Animal”, as quoted by the Greek philosopher Aristotle. The correlation and connection have always been associated between Human Beings and Animals. One such Business Opportunity that was paved through this relation is being detailed in this post for benefiting the aspiring Entrepreneurs. [Also See: Lockdown Business Idea, Home Based Printable Face Mask]

Human Beings and Animals

Human Beings are always associated with the Animals in any of the sources either directly or indirectly throughout the period. Perhaps the concept of Pet Animal, evolved almost several centuries ago, based on this relationship between the human and the animals. [Also Read: Best in Industry Great Business Opportunity with JioMart]

This relationship has been always highlighted on many historical works and quoted by many of the scholars throughout. Besides the increase in the affinity towards life and relationship with the pet animals, the fancy towards the type of pet and the craziness on how they’ve been maintained and groomed are also getting influenced by technology and advancement. [Also Check: Buy Back Business Idea, Hot New Chicken Farm Business]

Pet Animal

Having said about the emphasis the Animals have in the Human Beings, the Pet Animals are always a great means through which this relationship was retained for ages. As most of the pets are treated and brought as a family without a differentiation in most of the scenarios. [Also Know: How to Register Paytm Seller Account– Step by Step Process]

However the preferences of choices and the choices itself has been almost juxtaposed in the contemporary era compared to the older periods, where the choice was predominantly not preferential but situational. Apparently the globalization has brought so much of new and international breeds of pets into the domestic markets that has done this tremendous change. [Know on How to register Flipkart Seller Account – Step by Step Process]

Birds as Pet Animal

The conventional and the oldest Pet Animals which are grown with bonding and for Business purposes are the Birds. Mostly there are specific breeds and types used for domestic life and the predominant genre among them are Hens and Cocks. [Also See: Stay Clean and Stay Safe – Home Sanitisation Business Idea]

Traditionally the Roosters were the morning alarms for many of the villages across the planet. Eventually they’ve been a great meat provider as well and a major contributor in the livestock market. The option of breeding and Marketing such birds for Business and making them as a livelihood option is explained in the video. [Also Read: Buy and Sell Clothing Business Idea]

Fancy Chick Business
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Fancy Birds Business

Fancy Chicken Farming Accessories Supplier:-
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Fancy Birds Purchase Market:-

1. Kozhi Market Maskanchavady
   6/67, Amman Koil St, Asirvada Puram,
   George Town, Chennai,
   Tamil Nadu.

2. Kolathur Pet Market
   Laxshmi Avenue, School Road
   Kolathur, Chennai,
   Tamil Nadu.

3. Madurai Sunday Market
   Thilakar Thidal
   Madurai, Tamil Nadu.

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Poultry Chicks

As people has always craze on the chicks being bought at house with the natural grazing. The colour chicks are always high in demand in the market for their attraction and swift growth cycle. Perhaps the business scope is wide on this live market and a great profitable option for the aspiring entrepreneurs at all the time. [Read on a Hot New Business Idea, Wholesale Crushed Ice and Ice Slab Business]

The detailed business concept with the real time probabilities and methodologies has been presented in the below video along with the wholesaler contact references to get the maximum benefit out of the presented concept.

Wholesale Contact Reference:

Colour Chicks Reselling Great Business - Colour Chicks

Product - Giriraja Chicks
Gender - Both
Color - Multi colour
Breed - Giriraja Chicks

Reference Link - https://im/giriraja-chicks

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Colour Chicks Reselling Great Business - Colour Chicks Farm

Product - Poultry Farm Chick
Age - 1 to 90 days
Packaging Type - Carton Box
Breed - Poultry Chicken
Weight - 45 Gram - 3 Kg
Color - Black, White etc

Reference Link - https://im/poultry-farm-chick

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Hard work with dedication and passion leads to a life of your choice.

All the best! Happy Business!

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