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Hot New Business Ideas - Suguna Broiler Chicken Farm - Herbal Plantation - Dabur - Patanjali - Suguna Daily Fressh - Greene Herbal Chicken

Medicinal Farming

As part of an effort to develop the Rural and Urban region, the Patanjali was established. A healthy society with ayurveda has been the true motto of the company throughout its journey. Quality is what makes a success in the consumers market and that has been in the true sense of this company. [Also Read: Farming Business Idea, Ajwa Dates Business]

However the extend of their effort was supported to the Farmers by providing all technical aids and necessary information about efficient farming. The food products and the medicines are the consumables produced by the company with the contract farming for the key raw materials. [Also Read: Essential Hot New Business Pharmacy]

The Business prospect of the herbal sector through this contract has been a fruitful option for the farmers and the farming professionals. Although the key idea is to expand the products throughout the market which makes the cycle from the society to back to it is being tremendously aimed, the business options on the line are sumptuous for the farmers in this. [Also Read: High Profit Rice Bran Oil Business Idea]

Below is a video presented with the details of the business options along with the market analysis. Checkout the video and let us know your thoughts in the below comments section.

Besides the details, below is the urls to reach-out to the Patanjali Industries for contract farming and as a supplier as well.

For Contract Herbal Farming - https://patanjaliayurved/contract-farming

 Stevia Farm


Training & Subsidy Reference 

Wholesale Supplier

However the options are further provided by few other manufacturers as well. The names has been further provided for the assistance of the aspirants. They are Vitromed Health Care, Rattan Organic Foods Pvt Ltd, Shree Baidyanath Ayurved Bhawan Pvt Ltd, Bright Lifecare Pvt Ltd, Axiom Ayurveda, Botanica India, Kapiva Ayurved, Nourish Vitals, Kama Ayurveda and Etc. [Also Read: Healthy Roasted Chickpeas Best Business Idea]

All the best!


Buy Back Business Model

Although there are several buy back models available in the market, there are few products that will consistently have the demand and wouldn't perish soon enough. Perhaps, the change in the calamities and the patterns will not be impacting on them. [Read: Innovative LED Solutions Business Idea]

Those products are high in commanding the market and move through the fluctuations without any deviation in the margin. Since most of the products are categorised as the essential, one such product is being discussed in detail on this business model in the this post. [Read: Attractive Kids Toy Business Idea with 200% Profit]

Broiler Management

Broiler Chickens are the commercially reared chickens which are traded predominantly for their meat against the domestic demands. Though the breed was created as a concept to address the increasing demand of the growing population, this is almost contributing the 80% of the poultry supply at the current period. [Read: High Market Potential Himalayan Pink Rock Salt Business Idea]

The model implemented by the company is the better management and better yield, for which the assistance is offered throughout from the initial setup to the complete buying of the birds after the cycle, which is approximately 38 to 40 days. [Read: Garden Seeds, a next level Business Idea towards the Environment]

The following are the key pointers of the Contract Farm Program
  • The integrated / contract farming model
  • The integrator takes most of the risks
  • Providing day old chicks, feed, medicines and supervision to the farmers
  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), and technical know-how
  • Over 39,000 farmers

Apparently the farmers who're willing has to provide the necessary requirements such as land, labour and other variable inputs like disinfectants and electricity. [Read: All time profit Country Chicken Business Idea]

A complete requirements for setting up a poultry farm is as stated below;
  • Water availability throughout the year. Water quality : Hardness below 750 ppm, pH 6.0 to 8.5
  • Shed breadth should be 25 feet and shed floor should be at least 2 feet above ground level
  • E.B service, Tube light @ 1No for every 400 sq. ft, is essential
  • Foot bath / dip with disinfectant for better bio – security
  • Separate feed room near to the shed with stacking arrangement for feed bags
  • Water tank - 2 Nos (One for medication and another for drinking water) with capacity of 500 litres for every 1000 sq. ft
  • Side Curtain for the entire length of the shed for both sides, inside and outside
  • Partition for every 500 sq. ft
  • Provision of death pit for disposal of dead birds
  • Plat farm Provision for placing weighing scales 3 feet X 3 feet

Suguna Broiler Chicken Farm Buy Back Business Idea - Farm Chicken

Below is the video presentation explained on the complete process from the initial requisite to the complete business model. And also the application to launch the initial interest is provided further beneath. [Read: Heat Resistant Energy Efficient Cool Roof Business Idea]

Having said about the Energising rural India process adapted by the India's leading Poultry Farm and world's 4th largest player, below is the application for recording your consent to take part in the integrated poultry contract farm. [Read: Hot new Business Idea, Crushed Ice and Ice Slab]

*** Click the link below ***

Wholesale Broiler Chicken Farm

Wholesale Layer Chicks Supplier

The contact references are for the considerations and perhaps the credibility and the costing for better margin has to be explored by the aspiring entrepreneurs, since the contacts are neither recommended nor endorsed. It’s always good to explore the new horizons to reach better heights. [Read: An absolute need Business Idea, Disposable Salon Apron]

Suguna Broiler Chicken Farm Buy Back Business Ideas - Broiler Chick


Herbal Plantation - Buy Back Business

Herbs are always a high demand and great values of India. Besides the plantation of staples and other food products, it's the herb that makes their great mark in the medicine and consumer care products used both domestic and abroad. [Also See: Stay Clean and Stay Safe – Home Sanitisation Business Idea]

Although the plantation was not primary due to the abundance during the earlier centuries, the technological advancement and high urbanisation has made them perish almost. Hence made the development in the plantation sector for dedicated business prospects and good return of investments. [Also Read: Best in Industry Great Business Opportunity with JioMart]

Buy Back Farming Business Idea Herbal and Medicina Plant Business - Stinging Nettle

Dabur Medicinal Plants and Herbal Plants Buy Back

Besides, the Dabur is a centenary old company which has a huge market capital and great chunk of share in the consumer Ayurvedic and Natural Health Care products. It has a world class presence and the footprint in this sector, enabling the opportunities for the several aspirants and NGO for the procurement of herbs and natural produces. [Know on How to register Flipkart Seller Account – Step by Step Process]

It operates in product categories like Hair Care, Oral Care, Health Care, Skin Care, Home Care and Foods with a wide distribution network, covering a great amount of retail outlets with a high penetration in both urban and rural markets. [Know about the on-demand Business Idea – Highly Profitable Garden Seeds Trade]

Buy Back Farming Business Idea Herbal and Medicina Plant Business - Aloevera

The group has been associated with several NGOs across India and have been involved in undertaking special training programmes for villagers, farmers and tribal communities to mend them for a sustainable and environmental friendly cultivation. [Know about the Small Business Idea, Cleanliness based Chlorine Bleach Powder Business]

The Community based organisation approach has made changes on the livelihoods of several people across the nation and extending their life with the natural and eco friendly methods of farming to a progressive nation and development. [Also Know: How to Register Paytm Seller Account– Step by Step Process]

In the effort to make the business idea and to soak this concept in the minds of aspiring entrepreneurs, these details has been presented along with a detailed video on such option of great business prospect and huge future development along with the projection and market proximity. Check out the video and do let us know your thoughts in the below comments section. [Also Read: A Healthy Protein Rich Food Business Idea, Roasted Chickpeas]

As per the post of the organisation, they've joined through an MOUs with four NGOs - Covenant Centre for Development, Asha Gramodyoga Sansthaan of U.P., Kovel Foundation of A.P., and Katni-based Manav Jeewan Vikas Samity to intervene across the country not just to protect the rare medicinal and aromatic plants, but to enhance the livelihood of the local farmers. The effort has already benefited around 800 farmers through 12 organised training camps. [Check out: How to get your Business Partnered with Swiggy, eCommerce Business Idea]

Here is the link to reach them to explore this business option. Do use the concept and the contact wisely.

Application Form - https://dabur/contact-us

Wholesale Aloe Vera Gel




Suguna Daily Fressh


Suguna Daily Fressh is a chain of high-quality, modern air-conditioned futuristic retail stores. Operating on a dealership model, Suguna Daily Fressh retails fresh hygienic nutritious and tender chicken in eight forms including whole dressed chicken, portioned plain and marinated items.

Enquiry Form:


Greene Herbal Chicken

Greene Chicken is an innovation put together with flaw less execution. We are a team striving to ensure healthy living through chicken – a food that has become unavoidable to most of us in our day today life.

True happiness is the great customer response that we get once they experience the unique taste of our greene chicken. Our customers make us proud and give us the satisfaction of bringing a healthy difference in our own little way. [Also Read: Buy and Sell Business - Steam Vaporiser]

Greene chicken’s focus and its vast experience in the field of poultry operations brings you in-depth and professionalism. With intent to provide good quality and deliver products to all consumers, Our Company invests heavily in technology and research and development.

Company owned feed mills, research and development centres, training programs, processing plants, efficient supply chain management and technology infrastructure. [Also Read: Lock down Business - Ambulance Auto Rickshaw]


Greene tested for authenticity at Tamilnadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Chennai

Greene committed rearing practices have earned our organization an ISO 9001: 2015.

Greene tested for quality and antibiotic residues at the Quality Assurance Lab of a NABL Accredited Laboratory, Chennai [Also Read: Best Lock down Business - PPE Face Shield]

Why Greene Chicken

The human body uses it to create new cells and maintain or repair existing cells. There are no toxins that can cause any harm to those who eat our chicken.

Chicken is very suitable for the coming younger generations and for baby girls and female mothers. Chicken meat consists of high-quality protein and a relatively low amount of fat available in meat is mostly of the unsaturated type, which protects against heart diseases. [Also Read: Buy Back - Vanilla Farming Business]

When you buy chicken from us you can no longer eat it tasty and healthy without any fear.

Credits to Greene Chicken


Greene Herbal Chicken

Franchise - Fresh Meat - Frozen

TOLL FREE: 1800 599 1234

Cell: 86676 53969, 99432 35846

Black Kadaknath Chicks

Chicks Supplier Reference




 Avuri Seeds/Indigofera Tinctoria 

Avuri Seeds Supplier

Agriculture Department
Henna Farming


Agriculture Department
Organic Hair Color Making Business

Powder Mixer

Automatic Hair Dye Packing Machine

Natural Henna Powder

Namum Business Seiyalaam - Take the bull - Manamkuda Business Cheyochu

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