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New Business Ideas - Milk ATM Machine - 3D Car Sticker Blade Wiper - Lock - Heat Resistant and Energy Efficient Business - Cool Roof and Acrylic Coating - Small Business Ideas

Milk ATM Business

Type Of Beverage     Milk
Material Stainless     Steel 304
Model Name/Number  MVM-100P
Flavours Dispensed    Milk
Max Cooling Range    1-3 (Degree Celsius)
Dispensing Rate    3 Litre / Min
Automation Grade    Automatic
Voltage                   230 V
Country of Origin    Made in India
Minimum Order         Quantity1 Piece

Machine Supplier

Milk Packing Machine


Buffalo Farm Business


Solid Full Brass Padlock - Dindigul.


Worlds Famous lock

Wholesaler Details

http://Dindigul Brass



Vehicle Rear Wipers Decor


wiper sticker part, is made of removable ,reusable and washable material, waterproof and sun-proof.You could paste or tear it at any time,no any glue trace,and no any damage to your car
Wiper part,is made of high quality pvc material,durable and bendable,compatible for almost all cars that with rear wipers.
All patterns are 100% UV Printed,strong 3D effect, gorgeous and plumb color,fast dry and long lasting color.
Package attached with hook and loop adhesive sticker,helping you fasten the pvc wiper tightly and allow you changing it at anytime
On snowy days,it could also help you clear the heavy snow on the rear window.




Multi Cleaner Liquid

Packaging Type - Bottle
Quantity Per Pack - 1lt
Appearance - White plastic bottle
Color - Blue
Odor - Less
Solubility - Thick
Delivery Time - 5 days
Packaging Details - Cleans wall with not effecting on wall paints color Can clear any type of stink

 Supplier Reference

Ultra clean Wall Cleaner


Heat in Atmosphere

Heat in the atmosphere is an alarming concern at the global level due to the change in the global climatic conditions. [Also Read: Buy and Sell Clothing Business Idea]

As the advancement of Technology and Industrialisation takes a surge the results caused by them are as equal to the impact it creates on the atmosphere. There has been a considerable increase in the global heat causing the Atlantic glaciers to melt more and more, thereby increasing the sea levels day by day. [Also Read: Buy and Sell Copra Business Idea]

The intensity of this rise in the temperature and heat in the atmosphere has almost made a tremendous impact on the lifestyle for human beings. [Also Read: Amazon Delivery Partner Business Idea]

On the other hand, the energy consumption and exploitation of the natural resources has further made their permanent mark on the global climate, which is almost in contrast to how it was a few decades back. [Also Read: Innovative Broken Almond Business Idea]

This change in the overall atmosphere has made us go for various means to sustain a lifestyle by containing the heat circulated in the air. These processes are made possible using various machineries that help in maintaining the humidity level at least in a closed structure such as office spaces, houses and commercial buildings. [Also Read: Best Business Ideas - Seasonal Best Fruit Mangoes Business]

Perhaps, on an open note it’s uncontainable throughout, unless the resources are exploited at the most to use such machineries. As this note provides a sound message that there can be innovative alternatives for better business prospects (If you could remember that necessity is the mother of invention), there are few in existence across the global market. [Also Read: Profitable Business Ideas - Dish wash Detergent Business]

One such option that is commercially much profitable besides serving the individual and the society is being presented in detail today. [Also Read: Best Business Idea - Milk Powder Trade]

Cool Roofs

Since the buildings are the concrete structures in which most of the time is being spent by human beings, these places are the most energy consumers in order to retain their temperature at a lower rate. [Also Read: Cool Business Idea - Broken Cashews Trade]

Thus makes the maximum resource exploiter and the point of concentration to look for an alternate in order to keep the resource exploitation at the least level. [Also Read: Work from Home Tea Dusk Repacking Business Idea]

Cool Roofs is a workaround solution which enables the heat from the sun to reflect away than absorbing into the roof. Eventually the heat locked in the walls are reduced and consumes less energy to make the house cool. [Also Read: Great Lock down Business Idea - Vehicle Sanitisation]

The use of cool roof insulation makes a considerable decrease in the temperature within the house thereby retaining the cooler atmosphere around the rooms within. This can be achieved using the components which are available in the market as an on the shelf products. [Also Read: Ready Made Samosa Business Idea]

The below video details on the purpose and the actual process involved to execute the insulation process on a commercial scale and across the domestic markets. This business idea has a scope in the industrial and manufacturing infrastructures as well, besides meeting the needs of thousands of common people across the globe. [Also Read: Innovative Business Idea, Ice Cream Dosa Business]

Watch the video and proceed beneath for cost effective contact references provided beneath. Please note that they are references and neither suggestions nor endorsed. The entrepreneurs are always with the urge to explore their own horizon in order to meet the quality and revenue parameters. [Also Read: Waffle Street Food Business Idea]

Material Details

The base materials used in this insulation as explained in the presentation are the Cool Roof Paint and the Acrylic Paint. Below are the contact references as quoted in the same; [Also Read: No Investment Flipkart Seller Business]

New Business Idea Heat Resistant and Energy Efficient Cool Roofs - Cool Roof Paint

Product: Cool Roof Paint
Finish: High Gloss
Colour: White
Paint Type: Water Based Paint
Packaging Type: Bucket

Reference Link:
*** Click below ***

New Business Idea Heat Resistant and Energy Efficient Cool Roofs - Acrylic Paint
Product: Acrylic Roof Coating
Form: Liquid
Application: Surface

Reference Link:
*** Click below ***
Wall Putty Manufacturing 

 Raw Material 

Cool Roof Tiles Manufacturing

Machine Reference

Having said that, it’s always a strong vision driven by a dedicated effort along with smartness besides an effective strategy, makes a business venture successful. [Also Read: Farming Business Idea - Hydroponics]

Be the change! Best of luck!!

Namum Business Seiyalaam - Take the bull - Manamkuda Business Cheyochu

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