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Buy and Sell Business Ideas - Weekly Profit Rs. 20000 - Wholesale Broken Walnut Business - Fancy Lights - Shadow Diya - Small Business Ideas

Trade and Commerce

Trade and Commerce are the integral part of the economy that makes the very essential activity of movement of goods and services between the producer and the customer. Though the former is a narrow term and is a part of the latter, they’re mostly synonymous. The Economy of a nation is dependent on the activity of commerce which is an exchange of goods and services within a country or between countries. [Also Read: Innovative Business Idea Eatable Plate]

Though there is already a sumptuous research and business activity for various products and services which are evolving along with the human race, the baseline of commerce stands on the demand and supply. The development in this sector has made Globalisation possible and a wider list of participants across the globe. [Also Read: Safe Home Business Idea - House Sanitation]

Besides trade, an important component, Commerce further includes all the activities related to trade. Such as the Insurance that protects the goods against the anticipated threats, Banking which includes the financing of the transactions, Stocking the goods safely in the Warehouse to supply the demand of the customer from time to time and Transportation of the goods from the place of production to the place of sale with holds at appropriate junctures. [Also Read: Farming Business Idea, Ajwa Dates Business]

Walnut Business Idea - Commerce Earn Money

Goods and Services

Goods are the tangible products ranging from as small as a pen, paper to huge machinery components, whereas the Services are the intangible that includes service by human as doctor, lawyer, barber, waiter and service by the machinery or technology as digital or online service. [Also Read: Essential Hot New Business Pharmacy]

The measurement of the goods and services were evolved along with the advancement of the concept of studies dealing goods and services. This study has brought the concept of Service-goods continuum into the study by various theorists as a pure service at one endpoint and a pure tangible commodity at the other end. [Also Read: High Profit Rice Bran Oil Business Idea]

Walnut Business Idea - Goods and Services


An edible seed of a Walnut Tree, that is consumed commonly as a dry whole nut, which has a high nutrition packed along with a good amount of commercial value. A Walnut is removed from the shell to use as a Snack or to Garnish various other food products. [Also Read: Healthy Roasted Chickpeas Best Business Idea]

Though the origin of these nuts is from the western countries, the production worldwide is accounted for by China, followed by the United States and few other Asian Countries. The Walnuts are required to be stored with utmost caution while stocking them, since the poor storage would lead to the infestations by Insects and Fungus. [Also Read: Earn without Effort, Vending Machine Business Idea]

In India, the walnuts are imported and are sold all over the country to supply for the region-specific demand. However, the trade value of these nuts is primarily due to their nutrition and health benefits. Although there are few other non-food applications, the predominant demand in India is for the food purpose alone. [Also Read: Hot New Healthy Diet Wheatgrass Business Idea]

Unlike other native nuts and dry fruits, the walnuts are considerably preferred in the exotic food dishes and baking products to garnish, apart from the direct consumption. Keeping that into account a video has been posted below with the details to take up this as a prime product to trade. [Also Read: Innovative Pulses Business Idea]

Walnut Business Idea - Walnuts Bag

Check out the video with the details of this business explained with the business probabilities and market volatilities, along with the marketing techniques. [Also Read: Startup Business Idea, Cooking Oil]

Nutritional Value of Walnut

The Walnuts are rich in Antioxidants and Omega 3, besides, decreasing inflammation and promoting the guts. There are further benefits which are proven that the walnuts can help reduce the risk of some cancer and help in weight loss. [Also Read: Farming Business Idea - Hydroponics]

Walnuts Amount        Per 100 grams
Calories                        654

Total Fat                      65 g
Saturated fat               6 g
Polyunsaturated fat   47 g
Monounsaturated fat 9 g    
Cholesterol                   0 mg
Sodium                          2 mg
Potassium                     441 mg
Total Carbohydrate    14 g
Dietary fiber                 7 g
Sugar                             2.6 g
Protein                          15 g

Vitamin A                     0%
Vitamin C                     2%
Calcium                        9%
Iron                               16%
Vitamin D                     0%
Vitamin B-6                 25%
Cobalamin                    0%
Magnesium                  39%

Having explained about the concept and the nutritional benefits of the Walnuts, here are the references for the product purchase to pursue the business concept. [Also Read: No Investment Waste Collection Business Idea]

Walnut Business Idea - Broken Walnut

Product:                Broken Walnut Kernel
Form:                    Packed
Packaging Size:   10 kg
Packaging Type: Bags
Shelf Life:            18 Months

Seller Reference Link:

Click here - *** Broken Walnut Kernel ***
Wholesale Fancy Lights


Types of Lights

Fancy Lights    
Ceiling Lamp Lights
Mirror Lights
Commercial Lights    
Down Lights
LED Lights
Mirror Optics
Track & Spot Lights
Outdoor Lights
Decorative Wall Lamps    
Antique Wall Lamp
Modern Wall Lamps
Hanging Chandeliers    
Hanging Crystal Chandelier
Decorative Lamps    
Table Lamps
Hangings Lamps
Wholesale Supplier Address:
Govindappa Naicken St, Parrys, George Town, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600001
Shop Timing: 10Am - 8Pm
Monday - Saturday
Sunday 10Am- 2Pm
Shadow Tea Lights

Minimum Order Quantity
Wholesale Supplier:
Rubber Slipper 

 Wholesale Supplier Details
Slipper Strip  


As always stated, the references are intended for suggestion and not endorsed. You can always explore your reference and work on a cost-effective business protocol. [Also Read: Low Investment High Profit Broken Almond Business Idea]

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