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No Loss Highly Profitable Business Ideas - Pink Salt - French Fries - Grill Chicken - Best Business - Pig Farm - All time Business - Country Chicken - Dog Farming - Namum Business Seiyalaam - Small Business Ideas

Massage Chair

Chair Supplier

White Salt


Packaging Type Available     
Packaging Size Available    
1 Kg
98 - 99 %
Free Flow Salt 

Wholesale Supplier



Pink Salt Business


Himalayan Pink Salt Contains 84 Minerals a few of which include Sodium Chloride, Sulphate, Calcium, Potassium, and Magnesium​

White Salt - Sodium and Chloride​

Low sodium intake ​

Maintaining good health and also improves the functioning of the body.​

Wholesale Supplier - 


Bamboo Supplier Reference

Type Of Wood Natural Bamboo
Usage                 Indoor/Outdoor
Material                 Bamboo
Shape                 Round
Color                 Natural


French Fries

French Fries Cutter

Frozen French Fries


Grill Chicken

Low maintenance
High performance
Available Size: 9 birds, 12 birds, 15 birds, 20 birds, 25 birds,
Material Type: Fully Stainless Steel, Interior Focus Light, Stainless Steel Burners
Grill type: Grill chicken machine, chicken grill

Machine Reference

Pig Farm

Shed Details

Chicken as food

Chicken is a widely consumed poultry food, which is perhaps much easier in maintaining and growing them because of their relatively lesser cost and management. There are almost a number of cuisines and regional flavoured cooking patterns available for preparing chicken. [Also Read: Farming Business Idea - Hydroponics]

The preparation methods involve various steps depending on the region and the traditional practices adapted, such as baking, boiling, frying, barbecue and grill, besides many other methods depending on the needs. [Also Read: No Investment Flipkart Seller Business]

Chickens are grown and produced depending on the development of a region and their demand. While the developed countries go for a rigorous method to increase the production, the developing and less developed countries practice a more traditional method to produce them. [Also Read: Waffle Street Food Business Idea]

However, the chickens have a huge demand in the food market across the globe which has made the enterprises to produce intensively, that has almost achieved as much as double that of the actual number of human beings in the world, as per the United Nations estimate. [Also Read: Innovative Business Idea, Ice Cream Dosa Business]

No loss highly profitable Country Chicken Business Idea - Dressed Chicken Meat

Nutritional values of Chicken

Although chicken is being consumed as part of tradition, many sources have proved that they’re also consumed in large because of their rich proteins and lean meat. It’s being advised by the health advisors and doctors to take along with the regular diet, in order to get the required protein and many other nutrients. [Also Read: Ready Made Samosa Business Idea]

For every 100 grams of standard chicken meat, the dietary nutrition values are as follows: Calories 239, Total Fat 14 g, Saturated fat 3.8 g, Polyunsaturated fat 3 g, Monounsaturated fat 5 g, Cholesterol 88 mg, Sodium 82 mg, Potassium 223 mg, Total Carbohydrate 0 g, Dietary fiber 0 g, Sugar 0 g, Protein 27 g, Vitamin A 3%, Vitamin C 0%, Calcium    1%, Iron 7%, Vitamin D 0%, Vitamin B-6 20%, Cobalamin 5%, Magnesium 5%. [Also Read: Great Lock down Business Idea - Vehicle Sanitisation]

Chicken - Parts and Dishes

Almost all the parts of the chicken is used for making various dishes specific to the region and consuming habits of the people across the world. Since the most parts of the chicken are edible and can be consumed, they are often cooked as a whole after slaughter. [Also Read: Work from Home Tea Dusk Repacking Business Idea]

Few other dominant variants of dishes made in specific to the parts as Breast, Legs as drumsticks and dark meat, wings, shoulder as lollipops, Chicken feet in soups and fries, neck for several Asian dishes, liver, gizzard and heart for giblets, head for few other Chinese delicacies and etc. [Also Read: Cool Business Idea - Broken Cashews Trade]

The process of getting this poultry supply from the production to the plates of the consumers, almost bags several prospective business options for various people throughout the cycle. Thus, making it a most familiar and popular line of business chosen by most of the aspiring entrepreneurs’ day by day. [Also Read: Best Business Idea - Milk Powder Trade]

No loss highly profitable Country Chicken Business Idea - Grilled Chicken

Chicken - Production to Supply

The production process involves hailing the bird from the hatched chick to a young bird for slaughterhouse, for up to a period of almost 60 days. The process involves preparing the place with the suitable structure and the amenities further to supplying the feed and required water, besides maintaining the safety and cleanliness. [Also Read: Profitable Business Ideas - Dish wash Detergent Business]

As per the food safety authority, the scheduled drugs have to be administered with proper veterinarian supervision and adequate measures to be followed until delivering the birds to the final retail place. Despite the concerns related to the safety and cleanliness of poultry chickens, the commercial activity is almost at its peak all the time. [Also Read: Best Business Ideas - Seasonal Best Fruit Mangoes Business]

Commercial Prospects of Chicken

Though there are several breeds and chicken prevailing around the globe, the specific variant which is native to the regions are preferred more compared to that of the commercially bred variant, primarily due to the raising health concerns and safety purviews. [Also Read: Innovative Broken Almond Business Idea]

Thus, the demand for these native breeds are at par with the commercially bred chicken varieties and are widely mentioned as Country Chicken in the Indian regions. The most common breeds preferred by the consumers are the native Aseel and Kadaknath in this region. [Also Read: Amazon Delivery Partner Business Idea]

The increase in this demand has made most of the modern techniques to be adapted by the farmers in growing these country chickens, right from the incubator to the caged growth and the ready-mix feeds. [Also Read: Buy and Sell Copra Business Idea]

Country Chicken

The country chickens are the native variants that are grown mostly at the domestic locations, traditionally and for the consumption of its owner. Whereas the commercialisation of these chickens has increased the number of players to increase the production as similar to the commercial bred chickens. [Also Read: Buy and Sell Clothing Business Idea]

There are quite a few cross breeds that are used most commonly, in order to make them similar in taste and flavour to those commercial breeds, besides having more softened meat while cooking and consuming. [Also Read: Earn without Effort, Vending Machine Business Idea]

This has been received as a move to raise indigenous breeds by many farmers and thereby getting into the fields themselves to take part into this line of business. Perhaps the volumes and the demands are addressed with the increase in the production with the assistance of science and technology. [Also Read: Healthy Roasted Chickpeas Best Business Idea]

With the volume of consumption of up to 3.8K MT per annum of poultry meat in India, the considerable portion of the market is flooded with this country chicken making it a healthy alternative to a commercial breed and causing a tough competition to it on the other hand. [Also Read: Innovative Broken Almond Business Idea]

No loss highly profitable Country Chicken Business Idea - Live Country Chicken Farm

The Business Idea which can get a fruitful result, as soon as it is started in this time of the period, where there is a considerable rise of the country chicken consumption witnessed, besides steady growth in demand among the consumers. [Also Read: Work from Home Tea Dusk Repacking Business Idea]

One such business option is being detailed in the video below with the real-time probabilities and marketing techniques to achieve the best results for aspiring entrepreneurs. [Also Read: Cool Business Idea - Broken Cashews Trade]

Wholesaler Reference

Although it is advised to the aspirants to explore their own references for wholesale procurement to witness a resourceful result for considerable margins, here are few references shared for assistance. Perhaps, please note that these are neither recommended nor endorsed. [Also Read: No Investment Waste Collection Business Idea]

No loss highly profitable Country Chicken Business Idea - Live Country Chicken

Product - Live Country Chicken
Breed - Aseel
Feature - Disease Free Body Mass
Location - Udumalpet

Reference Seller Link:
*** Click below ***

No loss highly profitable Country Chicken Business Idea - Aseel Cross Country Chicken

Product - Country Chicken Aseel
Breed - Aseel Cross
Packaging - Cage
Location - Chennai

Reference Seller Link:
*** Click below ***


Further to the Country Chicken, it's Quail which occupies the most in the commercial meat market. Having detailed about the Quail Farming Business Idea in the below video, the training link with the details of Government Subsidy has been provided further beneath.

Training Link:

Tamil Nadu Agricultural University
*** Click below ***

Pig Farming

One of a profitable and a high profit farming business, besides subsidised by Government for almost upto 70% is Pig Farming. The amount of returns it yield is of great boom for the business owners and that too from a Village Business perspective.

Check out the below video with a detailed presentation and probabilities.

Having briefed about the in and out of the business, below is the reference link for Training, Purchase suggestion and subsidy details.

Tamil Nadu Agricultural University
***Click below***
Dog Farming Business

How to get your dog get registered with Kennel Club of India

 The kennel club of india maintain the dog breed standards in india. Kci certification requires in participation in conformation shows.

Single Dog Registration

Transfer of ownership


The kennel club of India  

New No 28 Old No 89, A A Block, 1st Street, Anna Nagar, Chennai - 600040, Near Anna Nagar Roundtana 


Bullet BBQ

Equipment Reference


It's always a vision with dedicated and tremendous effort, along with smartness that makes a complete entrepreneur. Give it a try and push the barriers, all the best! [Also Read: Profitable Business Ideas - Dish wash Detergent Business]

Namum Business Seiyalaam - Take the bull - Manamkuda Business Cheyochu


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