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Best Business Ideas - High Profit Groceries Business - Cumin Seeds - Low Investment - Zomato Food Business - Small Business Ideas

Food and Flavours

Food is an absolute necessary substance for the life of any living being for the very existence with the required nutrition supply. Whereas the flavours make the most into the consideration for the consumption of the food by the humans. Thus, the food and flavour together form as an interlinked factor to consume and existence of human life. [Also Read: Work from Home, Doormat Business Idea]

However, the process of making the food with the expected flavour requires a numerous products and items to mix together at various constituents. This makes the supply chain to list with the several options paving the way for the business prospects enabling the aspirants and the business owners to pitch in to take part. Perhaps, the flow goes along from the production process to the reach of the end consumer. [Also Read: Home Business Idea, Shelled Peanut Business]

There have been various players as the producer, distributor, stockist, wholesaler, supplier, retailer, etc. making their part in the complete process cycle. Although the practice has made possible for several business ideas making their way, certain among them are with huge demand and scope always, irrespective of the fluctuations in the market culture. [Also Read: Buy and Sell Business Idea, Clothing Business]

These business ideas are always carried with the probabilities of revenue margins consistently on the positive scale all along the flow. Few such are already projected in the Namum Business Seiyalaam and few will still be projected in the process over the time. Apparently, the response and the proximity to the successful performance lies with the executor and the marketing technique to pursue. [Also Read: Great Business Idea on Herbal Water a Village Farming Business]

High Profit Groceries Business Idea - Indian Food


Groceries are the fresh and preserved food products flooded in the market for either direct consumption or to preparation of the food. There are several categories of foods such as the snacks, junks, spices, condiments, vegetables, packed products, frozen, healthy products, natural and medicinal foods. [Also Read: Stay Away from CoVid-19, Safe Home Sanitizing Business Idea]

Further to the types, the food items are again constituted based on the flavours as Sweet, Salt, Sour, Bitter and Spicy or Hot. Thus, making the cuisines based on the type of food used and the end flavour to be achieved, the type of groceries used and, in the ratio, as needed. The presentation would also contribute to the groceries selection since the former plays a considerable role in food preparation as well. [Also Read: Organic Business Idea, An Eatable Plate]

The food industry requires the role of the groceries to an extent of its existence itself as there is no food that can be prepared by the process of cooking without the groceries. Such groceries are presented by the business explorers in the several forms as a small low investment shop to a good huge supermarket. [Also Read: Roasted Chickpeas, a healthy Food Business Idea]

High Profit Groceries Business Idea - Beans

Global Groceries

Throughout the world market and over the period of history the practice of groceries business has been made in various methods and mediums. Few notable among them are as in Europe the grocer complex are mostly included in the petrol station complexes, besides retaining the actual older structures in the city. Whereas the rural locations do have a few which are also a contributor for the overall grocery distribution. [Also Read: Instant and Healthy Oatmeal Business Idea]

Among the stores in the United States, most of them club the clothing, furniture, household items, tools and few other merchandises along with the groceries in the store structures. Usually a huge chain store such as a general store, farmer markets. Few others also make the inclusion of certain and exclusion of some actual grocery itself making the primary product as the actual production from the farm of their high proximity. [Also Read: Best Business Idea, Direct Packing Tapes Reselling]

Mostly in India and other Asian countries the stores have been witnessed with rapid growth during the recent couple of decades as against the traditional conventional individual stores with physical service. As the history of these groceries especially in India has the age-old roots from being procured from the producer or wholesaler to reselling with the personalised relationship between the reseller and the buyer. [Also Read: Earn Automatically, Vending Machine Business Idea]

In general, the groceries can be supplied through the stores either as a small store or a large physical store or an online e-store, depending on the marketplace, demand and the population to supply. That varies from the conventional to the sophisticated outlook depending on the factors of influence. [Also Read: Paytm Seller Registration, A Step by Step guide]

High Profit Groceries Business Idea - Supermarket

One such concept with a wholesale reference has been briefed in the below video along with the probabilities and proximities to execute this business idea as a successful option. Checkout the same and do continue beneath for the reference. [Also Read: Amazon Delivery Partner Business Idea]

Having detailed about the business concept and the reference details, below is the location detail to execute this business idea. This can actually be utilized depending on the region of execution by the aspirants. Further the references can be explored by the entrepreneurs depending on their actual location of coverage and concentration. [Also Read: Buy and Sell Copra Business Idea]

Near Omni Bus Stand,
Koyambedu Market East Road,
Koyambedu, Chennai. India

Longly Road, Sewapet,
Salem, Tamil Nadu. India

State Highway 81,
Tamil Nadu. India

So yes, these are the projections and the references in certain regions for the benefit of the readers, whereas the scope of exploring the new horizon lies in the hands of the entrepreneurs. Since these are neither suggestions nor the endorsements. However, use the concept and contacts wisely. [Also Read: Buy and Sell Clothing Business Idea]


Wholesale Grocery Shop

On top of these retailing groceries, there is another more interesting and perhaps, profitable business which is the wholesale groceries. This needs more of a dedicated effort with the rotation of financial resources. [Also Read: Small Profitable Business, Asafoetida - Kabuli Hing Business]

Below is the video detailing this business concept along with the realtime probabilities for better understanding. Besides, there's a contact reference for the distributor to pursue this wholesale groceries business. [Also Read: New Business Idea, Grow Green Bags Business]

As the video would've enlightened the crux of this business, here is a reference for the distributor to get the supplies at the wholesaler price. [Also Read: Work from Home Cooking Oil Business]

Pachaa Traders
GA/25 A Block Food Grain Market
Koyambedu Chennai 600107


Cumin Seeds Buy and Sell

Spices Business Idea Buy and Sell Cumin Seed Business - Cumin Seeds

As the cumin seeds are the most essential spice that has already become the integral part of Indian dishes, due to their medicinal and health benefits. Mostly they are used in the healthy food preparation and has various properties that benefits the human while consumed. [Also Read: Best Business Idea, Whole Sale Chicken Eggs]

As these healthy spices are high in demand and has a great business prospect, the detailed video presentation along with the real time probabilities for the benefit of aspiring entrepreneurs, below. [Also Read: Buy and Sell Business, Green Cardamom Husk]

Watch the video and continue further for the contact reference for the wholesale seller contact reference. Also do not forget to drop your thoughts in the below comments section.

Seller Contact Reference

As the concept and the product detailing is already completed, here is the whole-seller contact reference to procure them in bulk to pursue the business.
[Also Read: Low Investment Business Idea, 10 Rupees Shop]

Agricultural Produce Market Committee, Unjha
Railway, Station Rd, Gunj Bazar,
Unjha, Gujarat 384170
Ph: 02767 252 508


Launched in Delhi 12 years ago, Zomato has grown from a home project to one of the largest food aggregators in the world. We are present in 24 countries and 10000+ cities globally, enabling our vision of better food for more people. We not only connect people to food in every context but work closely with restaurants to enable a sustainable ecosystem. [Know about the Small Business Idea, Cleanliness based Chlorine Bleach Powder Business]

Back in 2008, all it took was an idea to enable digital access to thousands of restaurant menus. Three passionate foodies who hated waiting in lines, drove around Delhi to collect menus from restaurants, scan them and put them online. Their idea has now grown into the vision that drives our team of 5000+ people everyday. [Also See: Work from Home Business, Pulse Oximeter Reselling]


We push ourselves beyond our abilities when faced with tough times. When we foresee uncertainty, we address it only with flexibility.


Feedback is never taken personally, we break it into positive pieces and strive to work on each and every element even more effectively.


People here don’t work ‘for’ Zomato, they work ‘with’ Zomato. We treat every problem as our own, take accountability and drive the change.

[Also See: Great Business Idea, Engine Oil - Motor Oil reselling Business]


It’s always ‘us’ over ‘me’. We don’t lose ourselves in pride or confidence during individual successes, but focus on being our simple selves in every which way.


We believe in, stand for and are evangelists of our culture - both, within Zomato and externally with all our stakeholders.


It’s not our abilities that show who we truly are - it’s our choices. We aim to get these right, at least in the majority of the cases.

Guidelines and Policies

If there's one thing we truly love, it's sharing in all the great foodie moments you have. Bouquets when the food exceeds your expectations, brickbats when the service is shocking, chronicles of your food excursions – they all count. [Read on a Hot New Business Idea, Wholesale Crushed Ice and Ice Slab Business]

While we welcome your opinions and descriptions of your dining experiences, there are a few things we expect from every user on Zomato. Your reviews and photos, as well as your profile and the comments you share, are all subject to Content Guidelines, our Foodie Code of Conduct.

If your activity on Zomato doesn't match up to these content guidelines, we reserve the right to take action as we deem necessary. This could include altering or deleting your reviews or comments, restricting your review activity or deleting your Zomato account altogether, with or without notice. Zomato also utilizes an algorithm to aid in removing suspicious reviews. If you feel your review was deleted in error, email us at [Know about the on-demand Business Idea – Highly Profitable Garden Seeds Trade]

If you see content that does not align with these guidelines or our Terms of Service, please let us know. We will consider all reports. However, due to the diversity of our community, it is possible that content disagreeable to you might not meet the criteria to be removed.

Foodie Code of Conduct

Keep out the clutter: To make sure we collectively work towards building the highest-quality content that's useful to everyone, reviews need to be a minimum of 140 characters long for dine-in reviews.. That's just about the length of a tweet, so it's convenient even for all you micro-bloggers. If you cover the food, service and ambiance, you shouldn't fall short on characters. We do not have 140 characters limit for an online order review. However, if any review is filled with junk, we might have to remove the review altogether. [Read: Energy Efficient Business Idea, the hottest new business Cool Roofs]

Keep it relevant: Please keep your contributions relevant to Zomato. Accounts placing irrelevant, inappropriate, or promotional content, reviews with similar digital signatures that spam restaurants, or are based on any already disclaimed or informed policies and practices of a restaurant may be deleted without notice. If your review has been removed or moderated by us and if you repost another experience for the same restaurant, we reserve the right to remove that review too, even though such review might be in line with our content guidelines. In the case of spam, we can restrict your review activity on Zomato. [Also See: Manufacturing Business Idea, Low Investment LED Business]

Keep it clean: Whether you're writing a small snippet or a delightfully detailed account of your meal, keep foul/abusive/hateful language, threats, and lewdness out of it. We, just like you, hate junk and will delete it whenever we see it. This also includes (but is not limited to) derogatory comments on someone's protected characteristics (e.g. race, gender, religion) or indication of a personal vendetta against a business and its associates. [Also Read: Government of India initiative Business Correspondent Banking Business]

Keep it fresh: Only one review per restaurant for a dine out experience and one review for each online order transaction can be submitted and your most recent experience at a place counts. That's what is going to help people when they're trying to decide whether or not to eat there. You're free to edit and update your review based on subsequent visits at any time. Reviews about old experiences (more than 6 months old) will also be deleted from our platform. [Also See: Best Business Corrugated Box Manufacturing]

Keep it real: Write your review based on facts and your own experiences (e.g. not a friend's or any hearsay experience or based on media reports). Please don't exaggerate or falsify your experience. We do not take sides in cases of dispute, so make sure you can stand by your word. Content that indicates the reviewer hasn't even visited or availed any services from the restaurant will be removed. For example, "Never been here, never want to. Management is horrible and the food is worse!" Deceptive, fake, or misleading reviews will be removed. Reviewing a bunch of fast-food outlets in quick succession (even if you eat at them more often than you should) is considered suspicious activity, and it's likely these reviews will be moderated. Accepting or soliciting a kickback – monetary or otherwise – in exchange for reviews or photographs is also not acceptable, and could result in removal of your profile. [Also Read: Amazon Delivery Partner Business Idea]

Don't solicit: Identifying or promoting yourself as an official Zomato blogger, or using your status to solicit any kind of benefits (including but not limited to accepting money, free meals, drinks) in exchange for promotion, or at the threat of negative reviews on Zomato, will not be tolerated. If reports or evidence of such instances are brought to our attention, we reserve the right to delete your Zomato profile or take any other action that we may deem fit, no questions asked. Acts that constitute as 'Solicitation' include:

Explicit/Implied agreement (written or verbal) to write reviews in exchange for money, a free meal(s), drinks, etc. [Also Read: Buy and Sell Copra Business Idea]

Being a part of social media groups (e.g. WhatsApp/Facebook or any other social media platform) which offer incentives in exchange of reviews.

Don't steal: Plagiarism is something we take seriously. Copying others' reviews or photos from Zomato or other platforms,, or even re-posting your own in multiple places on Zomato (in full or in part), is something that will not be tolerated and may be removed/ moderated.. We trust that you'll play fair and create your own content. [Also Read: Innovative Broken Almond Business Idea]

Tell the whole story: If you luck into a free meal or dine as a guest of the restaurant, or have a relevant association with a restaurant or its owners, give full disclosure in your review. We're sure that honesty is the best policy, and other users will respect you even more for it. If you have made it to the major league as a food writer or critic, let us know and we can provide special access for your blog link to appear with your reviews. We love summaries, but incomplete reviews with a manually added link will be removed. [Know about the Small Business Idea, Cleanliness based Chlorine Bleach Powder Business]

Be yourself: Your profile is your identity on Zomato, so keep it real. You're welcome to use a screen name (foodonym, maybe?), but please refrain from using inappropriate names, bios, or profile images. We want to stay clean, and we might end up removing your account depending on how inappropriate your profile is.

Don't misrepresent: Identifying or promoting yourself as an official Zomato blogger, or using your status to solicit benefits in exchange for promotion or at the threat of negative reviews on Zomato will not be tolerated. If reports or evidence of such instances are brought to our attention, we reserve the right to delete your Zomato profile, no questions asked. [Also See: Work from Home Business, Pulse Oximeter Reselling]

Don’t be a bully: We take allegations of blackmail or threatening behavior against restaurants and its associates very seriously. This activity is strictly against our guidelines and may also be illegal in many locations. Reviews submitted in an attempt to blackmail a restaurant and its associates will be deleted.

Play by the rules: The content you add should be in compliance with Zomato's Terms and Conditions, including terms and conditions of any of Zomato products such as Zomato Gold, Online Ordering, or Zomato Treats, as well as the prevailing local laws and regulations. Local laws take precedence, and content may be moderated or deleted to adhere to these. [Read on a Hot New Business Idea, Wholesale Crushed Ice and Ice Slab Business]

Seek help from the right people: Zomato is a website and mobile application with no claims to be a court of law or a ministry of health (we aren't serious enough to do those jobs). If you have a dispute with a restaurant, or if you feel a restaurant does not measure up to health codes, we encourage you to contact the appropriate authorities directly. Zomato is not the appropriate platform for reporting illegal activities, physical confrontations, health code violations, or anything under investigation by local governing bodies or law-enforcement personnel. We encourage that such accusations be reported to the concerned authorities rather than being mentioned in reviews. [Read: Energy Efficient Business Idea, the hottest new business Cool Roofs]

Photo guidelines

There's no easier way to show how deliciously chocolate-y that chocolate mud cake was than with a picture, right? That said, it's important to keep in mind our photo guidelines, and understand why some photos may be moved or removed once they've been added.

Food shots that are clear, in focus, and delicious enough to make the viewer wish Zomato included smell-o-vision will be featured in restaurants' photo galleries. Ambiance shots that highlight the overall feel or vibe of a place will also be highlighted on restaurant pages. [Know about the on-demand Business Idea – Highly Profitable Garden Seeds Trade]

Photos that don't make the cut to appear on a restaurant's page, will show with your review or on your profile depending on how useful it is to other users and how relevant it is to the review. Photos with hair and bugs will be shown only with a review for validation and context.

Violation of the below mentioned pointers may lead to deduction of foodie points, reduced visibility or deletion of your pictures

Photos that are exact duplicates of other photos, multiple clicks of the same dish or ambiance or taken from a different angles [Also See: Manufacturing Business Idea, Low Investment LED Business]

Plagiarized photos

Photos of others posted without their permission

Photos that contain promotional content

Photos that contain subject such as people in it

Photos that are blurry or unclear

Photos that contain text, or are not related to dine-in experience

Photos of half-eaten food items

Photos of packed food items/packaging

Photos of food under preparation

Photos containing watermarks or write-ups of any kind

Photos containing and focussing on subjects other than food or restaurant ambiance

Unpleasant photos that ruin people's appetites

[Also Read: Ready Made Samosa Business Idea]

Watch the below video for more detailed insight on the business details. 

 For Application checkout the below contact form:

Add Restaurant with Zomato - https://zomato/addrestaurant

Guidelines for Restaurants

Zomato is a great way for restaurants to reach out to a vast foodie community. A few things you should keep in mind:

Keep your listing updated: While our team makes every effort to keep information on Zomato up-to-date, we appreciate you letting us know when an update is required. If your timings change and your listing is not updated, customers arriving late won't be too happy with you (or Zomato).

Don't solicit reviews: The best way to get reviews is to delight customers with your food and service. Selective solicitation is a strict NO, and offering any type of compensation or kick-back for reviews is unfair, so you definitely want to keep away from that, too. 

Don’t ever offer freebies, discounts, or payment in exchange for reviews

Don't offer incentives for users to remove reviews

Don’t ask your staff to compete with each other to collect reviews

Don’t work with companies or third-party vendors/PR agencies offering to 'fix your reviews/ratings'

While conducting foodie meetups is allowed, reviews which come in lieu of these official gatherings must carry a clear disclaimer which will help the others identify that the review is based on an invite. That being said, an invite certainly does not mean that the user needs to post a positive review [Also Read: Great Lock down Business Idea - Vehicle Sanitisation]

The businesses that do best on Zomato are the ones that provide a great customer experience to everyone who walks in the door without any expectation or encouragement that they write a positive review

If we do come across any evidence (direct/indirect) of you indulging in solicitation, we will activate a disclaimer on your restaurant's page, informing the Zomato community that your reviews are suspicious.

Respond to criticism positively: Take two deep breaths when you get a negative review. Three, if required. This happens to all restaurants who have customers. These customers are always right, even when they are wrong. Take the unflattering reviews as constructive feedback and use it as an opportunity to fix things. Whether you agree with the feedback or not, take the criticism in good stride. You can reply with a management response to show you care, but please don't use this as a platform to hit back or offer the customer an incentive to edit their review. Your response can't be edited after posting, so choose your words well. [Also Read: Innovative Broken Almond Business Idea]

Be accountable: Zomato will not moderate any questionable activities about your restaurant posted in reviews. (e.g. serving shisha where it is not permitted, serving alcohol to minors, or staying open later than permitted). Zomato may also not moderate or delete any reviews where any third party service provider is involved. Such a review may be retained if it falls within our guidelines. This business requires thick skin – stating the perceived attitude of owners or employees and reporting of individual actions are not considered personal attacks. [Also Read: Buy and Sell Clothing Business Idea]

Don't entertain: Fulfilling the demands of customers who ask for benefits at the threat of bad reviews or ratings, sends a message that this behavior is tolerated. Similarly, inviting users who have reviewed and given a low rating back to the restaurant for a complimentary meal, invites false negative reviews. These issues affect the entire community and require everyone's participation to curb their prevalence. Please report users who engage in such activities to [Also Read: Profitable Business Ideas - Dish wash Detergent Business]

In a concerted effort to maintain the neutrality of content on Zomato, restaurant owners, employees, and any affiliates with business interests are no longer permitted to write reviews on Zomato. We understand that being in the restaurant industry, you are truly passionate about food, and would love to share your experiences. But when you're unavoidably invested in your business, it becomes hard to leave emotions (and bias) at the door. This is a step towards maintaining neutrality - and quality - of the content on Zomato. [Also Read: Best Business Idea - Milk Powder Trade]

It's also important to note that we (Zomato) have no employees or affiliates who are paid to review. If any guest identifies themselves as an official blogger, review employee, or associate of Zomato, it's not true. Employees of Zomato are contractually and ethically forbidden from using their status to solicit free meals or receive special treatment. If you observe any such practice, report it to Appropriate action will be taken against the user or employee if evidence can be provided. [Check on, how to make 200% profit with Kids Toys – A Best Business Idea]

Happy Business!

Namum Business Seiyalaam - Take the bull - Manamkuda Business Cheyochu

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