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Coconut Meat

Its jelly like substance inside tender coconut. It contains a lot of vitamins and protein. Mainly its consumed for medicinal purpose. It heals mouth ulcer, stomach related disease.

Selling Cost
  • 1kg 500Rs

  • 200Rs Margin Per kg

  • 50kg Sales

  • 10,000Rs

Wholesale Supplier Reference

Tender Coconut

Silicon Cleaning Gel



Best New Business Ideas

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Vegetables Business

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New Business Plan

Apparently, the products of nature are with various benefits to humans, on top of making them an essential to existence. Thus, the product being discussed today is Coconut, which is an immense product for people who want to start a new business with a small investment reselling business. [Also Read: Protein Rich Roasted Chickpeas Business]

Coconut is a rich source of essential minerals and vitamins that is used as a regular product in the daily cooking process. This makes them a high vegetable product in demand and a great opportunity to choose them as a product for business. [Read: Heat Resistant Energy Efficient Cool Roof Business Idea]

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Coconut Reselling

Grated Frozen Coconut

Having explained about the concept and the business probabilities, here is the nutritional value of a coconut to understand about their health benefits. [Read Also: Millet Noodles Business Idea]

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Nutritional Value of Coconut
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Value per                         100 g
Energy                            354 kcal
Carbohydrates                 15.23 g
Sugars                            6.23 g
Dietary fiber                   9.0 g

Fat                                  33.49 g
Saturated                        29.698 g
Monounsaturated            1.425 g
Polyunsaturated              0.366 g
Protein                            3.33 g
Tryptophan                     0.039 g
Threonine                       0.121 g
Isoleucine                       0.131 g
Leucine                          0.247 g
Lysine                             0.147 g
Methionine                     0.062 g

Cystine                           0.066 g
Phenylalanine                 0.169 g
Tyrosine                         0.103 g
Valine                             0.202 g
Arginine                          0.546 g
Histidine                         0.077 g
Alanine                           0.170 g
Aspartic acid                   0.325 g
Glutamic acid                  0.761 g
Glycine                           0.158 g
Proline                            0.138 g
Serine                             0.172 g

Vitamins                         Quantity
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Thiamine (B1)                 0.066 mg
Riboflavin (B2)                0.020 mg
Niacin (B3)                     0.540 mg
Pantothenic acid (B5)      0.300 mg
Vitamin B6                      0.054 mg
Folate (B9)                     26 μg
Vitamin C                        3.3 mg
Vitamin E                        0.24 mg
Vitamin K                       0.2 μg

Minerals                         Quantity
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Calcium                          14 mg
Copper                           0.435 mg
Iron                                2.43 mg
Magnesium                     32 mg
Manganese                     1.500 mg
Phosphorus                    113 mg
Potassium                       356 mg
Selenium                        10.1 μg
Sodium                           20 mg
Zinc                                1.10 mg

Other constituents           Quantity

Water                              47 g

Furthermore, below is the market details to purchase the coconut in wholesale least price, so as to cater the reselling with profit margin. [Read: All time profit Country Chicken Business Idea]

  • Periyar Vegetable Market
Koyambedu Wholesale Market Complex
Koyambedu, Chennai – 600107

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